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When I was feeding Baby C her antibiotics at our garden yesterday, I chit-chatted with my neighbor, a grandmother in her 70s. Though I have been staying in this neighborhood for 2 years, we rarely talk to each other, safe for saying ‘hi’ and ‘bye’ when we meet. But yesterday, this grand old dame was in a chatty mood. I can see that she is one very proud mother as 8 of her 10 children are graduates. She told me proudly that her 8 children have degrees from universities abroad. I was really amazed with how her late husband (who was only working as a Manager in a plantation) had paid for the university course fees for their 8 children. Maybe some of her children pursued an online degree from universities such as Capella University, a fully accredited online university. Studying online for a degree is much cheaper than going abroad to pursue the degree. I hope the hubs will be able to send our 3 girls abroad to study in future. However, if he cannot afford it, I really don’t mind our girls pursuing an online degree from universities such as Capella University.

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