Foot Spa

For the longest time ever, I had a pair of really UGLY feet. And I mean really ugly, especially the soles and heel. Even my part-time helper’s feet are smoother than mine. Even the hubs’ feet are silkier, pinkier and smoother than mine. Damn, I am jealous of the hubs’ feet! Cover my face and body, and one would think that the feet belonged to a hobo. ¬†I kid you not ūüôĀ

So how come I’ve got such disgusting feet?

Firstly, I have ultra dry and sensitive skin, which make the skin look wrinkled.

Secondly, I used to wash Cass’ butt like 30 times in a day since birth for several years. When I washed her in the bathroom, my feet got wet too. ¬†Wetting your feet almost every hourly, 365 days/year, for several years is a harbinger to many problems to come.

Thirdly, I only fancy wearing sandals and wedges (coz they are fast and easy to slip in!), which exposes my heel and toes. Dust / dirt stick to the feet like magnet. If you have cracks on the feet, you’re doomed for sure.

Fourthly, the monkeys at home love to do painting and calligraphy. Sometimes the paint and ink get splattered onto the floor. When I forget to wear my indoor slippers, that would spell big trouble! Why? When you have cracked heels and flaky skin that looks like fish scales, ink and paint would get embedded via the cracks into the inner skin.  Can they come out? NO WAY if you are talking about ink and paint.  My feet used to look like a canvass painting with abstract motives on them, in black ink.

I have tried pumice stone, steel pumice and stain remover and these did not help much to remove the stubborn stain embedded under the cracked skin.

Get the picture of my feet now?

Lately, my feet looked so undesirable till I got repulsive at the sight of them.

BAD! I just had to find a salon to do a feet transformation, however expensive it may cost.

On Thursday last week, while walking to the washroom of a supermarket, an unassuming salon opened by a Filipina caught my eyes. I turned back to have a closer look at the services that they offer. My eyes glistened when I saw foot spa!  I went in to inquire and an appointment was made for the next day. I could not wait to see a transformation of my feet!

Now I understand the feeling of those who are dissatisfied with their looks all their life and finally have the guts to take the aesthetic surgery route to fulfill their life-long dreams of looking beautiful. The self-satisfaction you get when you see a brand new beautiful you is indescribable!

So here I am, having my very first foot spa…

Above pix Рgetting my feet soaked in hot bubble feet bath, generated by a machine.  Sofia used a special electrical gadget to gently shave off the dried skin off my foot to smoothen the skin.

Above – After the ‘skin shaving’ process which took a frigging 2.5 hours, Sofia used bath salt to wash my legs and feet.


Above РSofia filing the toe nails.  At this point, I had to tell her to stop as I was already at the salon for 3 frigging hours and the girls would be back home from school in another 20 minutes.

Sofia had initially told me that the whole process would only take 40 minutes to an hour but she didn’t know that my feet would take so much time to work on! HAHAHA!

Sofia promised me that I could go back to the salon to continue with where she stopped.  I went back to the salon this morning but Sofia was on emergency leave. I will be back to the salon again on Thursday to continue with my foot spa.

Verdict – this is SO WORTH IT! ¬†I am going to pamper myself with a foot spa every month. ¬†It only cost RM55 and if I sign up for the package, it would cost even cheaper. Yeah, I am going to love my feet more from now ūüėÄ

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Sitka, Yellow Brick Road & Wicked Pancake Parlour @ Batai Village, Damansara Heights

After dropping Drama Queen at her friend’s house in Bangsar today, the foodie hubs brought us along on his foodie trail in search of gastronomical food. ¬†What makes my man happiest is food, basketball and more food ūüėÄ

Now you see why I cannot afford not to exercise 5 times a week? I would expand just like my man if I do not do this.

First stop today was at Sitka @ Batai Village, Damansara Heights, a restaurant opened by one of his friends. Sitka is a¬†Malaysian-Scottish collaboration that’s determined to deliver innovative cooking fuelled by local produce. ¬†While waiting for the food to arrive, the foodie hubs told us that we would all be awaiting a little surprise with what would be served. This meant celebrity chef dishes.¬†Customers can expect to pay rational prices for satisfying meals that transcend run-of-the-mill recipes. He was right. We were really satisfied with the top-notch food (taste and presentation), executed with much effort and ingredients.

First dish that arrived was salt baked beets with chickpeas, cilantro, humus, peas and orange.  The beets were tender, juicy and flavorful. Healthy  and full of fiber, I loved this salad dish.

Below – lobster roll on charcoal bun with pickled baby radish, hard boiled mashed egg and grilled sweet corn with cheese.

Below Рpulled beef brisket with flat bread.  The beef brisket was full of aroma and taste, juicy and tender and paired well with the flat bread.

Below – we then moved to the next entree featuring roast seabass with yummylicious sambal atop served on a bed of roasted carrots, pumpkin puree and crushed roasted peanuts.

Below Рroast chicken was wholesome and comforting. The meat was moist, juicy, flavorful and perfectly-done.

After lunch at Sitka, we walked a few doors away to Yellow Brick Road & Wicked Pancake Parlour, as we had initially wanted to lunch there but there were 8 tables booked ahead of us, so we put our name to book a table. ¬†I was already pretty stuffed with all the delish food at Sitka but the foodie hubs wasn’t exactly done yet with his foodie trail so…

Sitka Restaurant
8-5, Jalan Batai, Bukit Damansara, Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2011-1117
Below – Sitka is the 3rd building in white on the right.

Yellow Brick Road & Wicked Pancake Parlour

Yellow Brick Road shares a same corner lot with Wicked Pancake Parlour in Batai Village, Damansara Height (near Bangsar). They are run by the same folks.

Yellow Brick Road is the home for Malaysian Barista Champion (2013-2015)¬†and their punch line is “Built for Dreamers for Dreamers”

Their customer load is normally very massive during the weekends and today was no exception.. thus we had to make a booking and then walked over to Sitka for our entree before going back to Yellow Brick Road and Wicked Pancake Parlour for desserts.

We intended to tuck into only their pancakes but something caught the foodie hubs’ eyes and he ordered a Balik Kampung dish with poached egg and mango kerabu!

An Asian local main course that lives up to its moniker, tastes like home, something that your mak will dish out when you ‚Äúbalik kampung‚ÄĚ (going back to your hometown). The percik chicken delivers juiciness, flavors, aromatic spices and ain’t that spicy. Though we were already stuffed up to our noses, we could still wallop the entire plate of dish.

The Rubic’s Cube crazed princess…

Below – chocolate brownie topped with an ice-cream – everyone’s favorite. Gawd, this is the 2nd time this week that we had chocolate brownie with ice-cream. ¬†And I still have an outstanding post on our foodie trail with the hubs done on Wednesday, which was a public holiday.

Below –¬†Nangka (jackfruit) pancake and Apam Terbalik pancake.

The pancakes were fluffy and pillowy. Each plate of pancake was accompanied by a cup of aromatic gula melaka syrup and a scoop of ice-cream.

Yellow Brick Road (Beside Torii and Sitka)
8-7, Jalan Batai,
Batai Village,
Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours: 9AM ‚Äď 6PM
Contact: 03- 2035 5922

Wicked Pancake Parlour
Batai Village, Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur.
Open 4pm-11pm on weekdays, 10am-11pm on weekends.
Above & affiliated with Yellow Brick Road.
Closed Wednesdays



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Our Sunday – 26 June 2016

Drama Queen was very accommodating and obedient this morning… coz she needed a favor from me!

She wanted to go to her friend’s house and she knew that she could only get my nod of approval if she did everything that I said. Very smart girl!

After helping to sweep the floor, she did the BM workbook that I asked her to do while eating her breakkie… WILLINGLY and fuss-free. Never had I seen her so hardworking before!

While the girls were helping to keep the laundry at the balcony, we saw a pair of flies and they were in the midst of their hot action! ¬†It’s the first time that girls saw flies in the process of reproduction. I explained to them that they first needed to get down to the action and then the female fly would lay eggs. The girls were really amazed and then curiosity struck the cheekiest monkey. She started to blow at the pair of flies and wanted to spray them with disinfectant! I stopped them but soon I guess the pair was aware of what was happening and they flew away together, still intact, hahaha!!

Do check out my next post on where we had lunch today…


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Ocean Green Restaurant, Penang

One of the hubs’ favorite old haunts in Penang is Ocean Green Restaurant. It’s a seafood restaurant situated by the sea. ¬†It is near Northam Suites Penang (our go-to hotel during and after Cass’ surgeries) and Gleneagles Medical Center.

This place is not difficult to located. It is situated by the sea side, at the end of an alley along Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, just before Despark Auto College. It is easy to miss the turn, so go slow and keep left.

Besides the delish seafood, the waterfront vista is great too. I prefer to eat there at night as it’s breezier at night. During the day, the hot sea air blown into the open-air restaurant can cause you a little discomfort, especially on a hot and humid day.

Below – Revisiting our favorite old haunt @ Ocean Green on 7 June 2016. We had a very late dinner as everyone was stuffed from a day of non-stop binging on Penang food.

Below – no frills baked crab – with a light touch of salt and nothing else. That’s how we ¬†have always liked our crabs executed.

Below – cheese baked crab – the hubs’ favorite and a dish that he will never fail to order whenever we visit Ocean Green.

Below – oyster omelette (hor chien). ¬†Someone photo-bombed the picture as her tummy was growling and she couldn’t wait anymore!

Below Рsuper crispy deep fried spring rolls with generous amounts of cabbage, crab meat and other ingredients.  Perfect appetizing appetizer!

We also ordered a plate of fresh steamed prawns (no picture taken). As we arrived pretty late at the restaurant, all their prawns supply was sold out and what was left was a pathetic 200gm of prawns which the hubs did not hesitate to accept.

Despite a day of pigging out, we still enjoyed our late night dinner / supper at Ocean Green thoroughly. ¬†Did I tell you that while waiting to go out for dinner, I did an hour of jumping jacks and stretching in the hotel room? ¬†That really helped in jacking up my metabolic rate to burn the calories at a much faster rate ūüėÄ

I can’t wait for our next holiday in Penang where I am pretty certain the foodie hubs will stop by Ocean Green again to tuck into all his favorite seafood ūüôā

Ocean Green Restaurant and Seafood
48F Jln Sultan Ahmad Shah 10050 Georgetown, Pulau Pinang (Google Map)
Business hour: 12pm-11pm
Contact: +604-226 2681


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Expedition At Aquaria KLCC

It was definitely a day for my family to spend time together bonding and sharing love¬†across. Our 2016 father’s day was well spent at Suria KLCC.¬†But prior to our trip, we¬†attended a sumptuous lunch party, courtesy of our condo Management as get-together¬†for the residents.

While the hubs brought our 2 older girls to watch Warcraft: The Beginning, Cass and I went for a fun-filled expedition at Aquaria KLCC organized by Wyeth Nutrition to reward their S-MAMA Club members.

In this family-day outing, we were treated to a tour around Aquaria KLCC to learn about¬†the underwater world and how we should preserve it, followed by catching ‚ÄėFinding¬†Dory‚Äô at TGV Cinemas.¬†To begin our journey in Aquaria, members of the S-MAMA Club¬†gathered for a group memento taken with LEX the Lion.

Can you spot Cass and me? We donned on mother-daughter outfit with matching flower hair ties too, heeeh!

It was Cass’ first visit to Aquaria and she was really excited! What a great opportunity¬†this is.

Below Рwe found these Moon Jellyfish really fascinating as the body is translucent. With the interchangeable neon spotlight above the water tank changing colors and highlighting the jellyfish every few seconds, these sea creatures look really magical.

Cass and I did some good exercise at KLCC yesterday. ¬†I believe we chalked up¬†at least 3km walking to and fro the KLCC shopping mall to Aquaria, walked around Aquaria, then walked to TGV cinema, did some window shopping and then walked back to the car park. No wonder we were both unusually hungry yesterday as we had burnt so much calories. ¬†And guess what? We whacked 2 regular sized cups of caramel popcorns to subdue our hunger pangs and saved some for Alycia and Drama Queen! ¬†The popcorns were complimentary too. They were really addictive. Cass and I couldn’t stop stuffing them into our mouths, ha ha! ¬†It was really an experience to¬†have with my youngest baby.


After the expedition at Aquaria, we adjourned to TGV Cinema for another round of photo session (with hand held prop signs this time) and were given hard copies of the photos (complimentary too!).

After the photo session, we were treated to the cinema to watch Finding Dory.

Through this one-day journey, I learnt that S-MAMA Club strongly encourage cultivating¬†family bonds that helps to develop positive familial relationships. Also in our trip getting¬†to understand more about Wyeth Nutrition, I noticed their much efforts in supporting¬†children‚Äôs Multiple Intelligence in 3 areas of Smarts ‚Äď Brain, Body and People. This is¬†accurately important in our children‚Äôs growing development where parents are most¬†concerned for.

I’d like¬†to thank¬†Wyeth Nutrition¬†for the enjoyable expedition, addictive caramel¬†popcorns, photos and movie (Finding Dory). ¬†Cass and I had a great time at the event¬†together! ūüôā



WeChat: WyethNutritionMY


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Parents’ Day

My Saturday started very early today – at 4:45am.

After Alycia left the house at 6:20am, I woke Drama Queen and Cass up. ¬†It’s Parents’ Day cum report card collection day today!

The hubs left the house very early too. His client’s event is in Rawang, thus he was not able to follow me to see the girls’ teachers.

I left the house at 7:30am and thought that we were still early and would at least get parking easily but no. ¬†The roads leading to the school were jam packed with cars. I dropped Drama Queen at the road side so that she could walk into school to get the queue numbers. I had to make a U-turn and drive out again. I managed to find a not-so-nice spot at the road side and took a long walk into the school.¬†Thank God the weather has been gloomy and chilly the past 2 days and I didn’t mind the long walk.

While waiting for our turn to see the teachers, Cass had breakfast at the canteen.

After a long 3 hours wait, I was done meeting the teachers. Had I reached school a minute later, I would have to wait at least half an hour more. I was the last to see Cass’ teacher before the teachers went for their break.

Cass has done pretty well in this exam and I’m so proud of her!! ¬†Will she remain consistently good in her marks up until Primary 6? It’s really hard to tell. It is not easy to study Chinese and it’s not easy to get this girl to be passionate about her studies as she hates studying in Chinese. ¬†It is not easy for yellow banana kids to grasp the Chinese language when both the parents are not Chinese educated. ¬† Plus the syllabus and marking scheme have recently changed. There are now more subjective questions and HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills) questions.

Drama Queen has shown improvement in her standard position as well but still has lots to brush up.  She has one more year of preparation before she sits for the UPSR exam.

Next Saturday will be another parents’ day attendance for us and this time to collect the big girl’s report card! It will be her first report card in junior high school. I know she didn’t fare very well in her exam. ¬†This girl with a temperament as cool as a cucumber was way too relaxed in her recent exam. I have never seen her so laid-back in her 6 years of primary schooling. Perhaps she thinks that this is her ‘honeymoon year’. ¬† Wait till next year comes when she’s in her sophomore year, which is the year before her PT3 exam and I’m pretty sure she will be stuffed with more homework from school and pushed to work harder.

It wasn’t long ago that the girls sat for their exams and guess what? It will be exactly 1 more month before they sit for another exam! Stress stress stress!!


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Earning Passive Income From Home

In case you do not already know, besides blogging, managing an online store that sells kids and ladies apparels, managing my 3 demanding girls, cooking whenever the MIL is not around and managing the household, I am also sharing to the world about two wonderful health products that are life-saving.

Ever since we started consuming the health supplements, our girls and I have not gone to the doctor’s office to get medication for a long time, except for one remote case in November last year when Cass had UTI.

For the regular fever, flu, cough and sore throat, I normally treat my girls  and myself with just hydrogen infused water, carotenoids, Esberitox, raw honey / Manuka honey and propolis. I try to steer clear of antibiotics as much as I can. Antibiotics can wreck havoc to our body as they kill both the good and bad bacteria. When this happens, a host of other ailments will surface and I am speaking from experience.

I have seen how the health products shrunk some humongous lumps in my mum’s breasts, healed her from a UTI attack recently and removed some severe pain on her achy body. ¬†Hydrogenated water is excellent in bringing down fever naturally without medication. When Cass had Influenza A early this year with temperature hovering above 40 degrees Celsius, her fever was brought down with 5-6 packets of hydrogenated water a day, ¬†for 4 days.

Slightly over a year ago, I didn’t intend to involve myself in network marketing or MLM, as some people would call it. ¬†I do not have the time to meet people or attend training. My online business and family are already taking up most of my time. ¬†Plus I am laid back in nature. ¬†I prefer to just sit on my massage chair and surf the internet, read a book or take a cat nap when I have the short 1 hour of free time in a day (if I am lucky) to chillax.

But I want money! Well, who doesn’t want money? The more the better. I want to spend my golden years comfortably and travel the world without having to worry about the money.

My girls need money for their tertiary education.  My eldest will be going to college in 4 years.

The other day I spoke to a professor from Monash University. I was told that it would cost a minimum of RM100,000+ to complete a degree locally. With 3 kids and inflation taken into consideration, it would cost us half a million Ringgit to send our 3 girls to study in Monash University, Malaysia¬†in a few years’ time.¬† The amount would be doubled or even tripled if they were to complete their final year in Australia.

Where do we find this amount of money then? Borrow? I don’t fancy borrowing money.

I want financial freedom!  Passive income is the way for me.

I will have nothing to lose if I dabble in this business of hydrogen infused water and carotenoids supplements. After all, I have all the support from a great leader, who is my mentor. I have known her for over a decade and I trust her.

Fast forward 14 months later, while I am still the busy work-from-home mother who just prefers to chillax at home, I am sharing the products more intensively and extensively now. ¬†I have learned to do registration for new members and now know how ¬†to arrange for stock and distribute them. ¬†I am still learning the business system, points, bonus and placements. I feel like I am in college all over again. But it is worth it. You’ll see why later.

Besides helping us to stay healthy, the best part is by sharing about the products, you get to earn money when someone signs up.

Below is my earnings I get from this business ¬†for the period 1 April 2016 – 3 June 2016. ¬†You can refer to the ‘Total’ column on the right side. ¬†The amount on each row under the ‘Total’ column is directly credited into my bank account every Wednesday. Now go grab a calculator to do some simple Math to see how much I earn monthly. ¬†The amount is nothing to brag about if I were to compare this with what my more entrepreneur, mobile and hardworking team members earn. They earn double, triple and much, much more than¬†what I am earning.

Are you now a tad tempted to be earning this amount and much more on top of your current salary?  If you put in your all, you can even be on your way to throwing  in a resignation letter to your boss to focus on building this business. Just recently, one of our team mates left the corporate world after having been in the company for 16 years. She is now doing this  business full time, but with much more free time on hand to spend quality time with her kids. And there is much, much lesser stress for her too.

This business is pretty easy. All you have to do is to sign up for a full package at RM5,330.  You can also opt for half a package or even a smaller package.

Then, share about the products and get 2 people to sign up, which is not very hard.

Let’s say: if every member refers 2 members in a month and then stops there, by the 10th month, you would have a network size of 2,046 members in your tree map with a potential earning per month of over RM50,000! ¬†See the growth projections chart below:

Looks good to you?  It is as good as it looks in reality.

Each product is RM435 at retail price.
One product is defined as 1 box of Izumio of 30 packets (200ml each) OR 1 bottle of Super Lutein (100 capsules).

Members can get them at a much cheaper price.  I can  teach you how to get them at an even cheaper price or FREE just by sharing.

Just give me a call at 019-266 4290 or email me at to find out more.

No obligation.

Who knows? It could be what you have been looking for all these while. ¬†When my mentor gave me a box of hydrogen water for Cass to try, I didn’t really think that it could do SO much for her and for me ūüôā


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Drama Queen

My drama queen may be headstrong and locks horns with me all the time. She drives me bonkers and she makes me want to strangle her.  But whenever she helps me out in the kitchen, she would have redeemed it all.

She loves to do all that I hate! ¬†She’s my savior from Heaven!

She helps to peel onions¬†– my most dreaded chore. ¬†¬†I will omit onions from my dishes and use garlic instead if there is no one to help me peel and chop the onions and shed the tears for me. ¬†She tells me that she closes her eyes when she cuts the onions, omaigawd, I pray she will never chop off her own fingers!! ¬†Sometimes she wears the goggles ūüėÄ

She helps to wash the dirty dishes.

She always volunteers around the kitchen.

When I am not in the mood to cook, she’s like the angel encouraging me and offering her help.

I am blessed. All her redeeming features can indeed negate all her faults when we work together in the kitchen. ¬†But once she’s out from the kitchen, well, that’s another story to be told.

I am pretty certain she will follow her daddy’s footsteps.

Here she is, working on a pizza last night (Sunday)-

Drama queen chopped the onions and tomatoes.  And I helped to put the pizzas into the oven.  I dragged the girl with the royal hands into the kitchen too and made her slice cucumbers and capsicum.

Our dinner last night – pizza with loads of onions, tomatoes and cheese ūüôā

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Sin Kheng Aun, Rainforest Bakery and Mugshot Cafe, Penang (7 June 2016)

After Cass’ ultrasound scan at GMC, ¬†hubs brought us to Sin Kheng Aun Hainanese restaurant for a lunch of all our favorite dishes. ¬†Hubs and his entire family have been strong supporters of this restaurant for decades, tracing back to over 30 years¬†of loyal patronage.

On our way to Sin Kheng Aun, I gobbled down about 6 or 7 pieces of Apong Guan in the car! It’s my absolute favorite and my trip to Penang will never be complete without tucking into my favorite apong made by Ah Guan @ Burmah Road.

Gulai assam tumis with white pomfret fish. This is Sin Kheng Aun’s signature dish and the crowd-puller, five-star dish.

Prawn kerabu (another lipsmacking house special – picture below), onion omelette, stir fried mustard green, chicken in black soy sauce, assam pan-fried prawns and ¬†fried vermicelli — sorry no pictures taken as I was too busy enjoying the food.

Below – pan fried assam prawns.

Photo taken at Shing Kheang Aun Restaurant by Jen on 7/7/2012

After lunch at Sin Kheng Aun, we walked a few shops away to Rainforest Bakery.  This bakery brings back fond memories of the healthy breads and delicious kaya that hubs bought for me during my 3-week stay with Cass at GMC seven years ago.

Rainforest’s kaya is one of the best store-bought kaya I have ever tasted. ¬†I¬†got a tub and ate some of it on the spot like it was an egg pudding ūüėÄ

Then we walked over to Mugshot Cafe, which is adjacent to Rainforest.

Hubs ordered a smoked salmon bagel with cream cheese. Though we were already pretty stuffed right after our lunch at Sin Kheng Aun, we could still wallop this delish bagel sandwich.

The bagel sandwiches are reheated in a special oven heated up using wood fire before being served to ensure that it is crispy on the outer layer and fluffy on the interior.

Grab a bagel at The Mugshot Cafe, Penang by

Photo credits –

We also tried their house-made yoghurt with walnut and raisins, served in a glass jar.  Their yoghurt is thick and creamy and not too sweet. You can choose a variety of toppings for their yoghurt. There is a section behind this rustic cafe housed in a pre-war building where yoghurt is solely made.  There are also some hipster merchandise for sale at the back of Mugshot Cafe.

Below – an assortment of cakes that hubs ordered from Rainforest and brought over to Mugshot Cafe to be savoured.


Doesn’t this little drama queen look like a waiting staff? ¬†She’s growing up way too fast!


Below – this is where we were seated at Mugshot Cafe…


The Mugshot Cafe and Rainforest Bakery on Chulia Street, Penang.

Rainforest Bakery and Mugshot Cafe
300 & 302 Chulia Street
10200 George Town

Sin Kheng Aun
2, Lebuh Chulia
10200 George Town
Pulau Pinang
TelÔľö012 4056276


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Cassandra’s Post Operation Ultrasound Scan – 7 June 2016

It’s been 2 years since our last visit to Penang and follow-up check up with Cass’ surgeon.

Upon reaching Penang yesterday morning, hubs dropped Cass and I at GMC. ¬†Along with his mum, Alycia and Sherilyn, he went on a shopping spree around Penang Island, getting all our favorite food while Cass and I were at the hospital. He patiently waited for almost an hour for my favorite Apong Guan on Burmah Road where he bought 30 pieces, which I later stuffed myself crazy after Cass’ ultrasound scan, after missing this apong (best in the world) for 2 years! ¬†Total bliss!!


Photo credits –

At the hospital. Cass playing with her iPad and sipping on Izumio, while waiting for her turn for her ultrasound scan.

During the ultrasound scan of her kidneys and urinary tract, which was a very tensed moment for me, the same old ‘what ifs’ ran through my mind throughout the procedure.

The report would only be ready the next day, thus we were at the hospital again this morning to see the surgeon to review the ultrasound scan report.

All is looking well Рthe right duplex kidneys, the left good kidney and the dilated ureters have narrowed down.  The surgeon is very pleased with the progress.  Praise The Lord!!


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How Can I Make My Company More Competitive?

If you want your company to earn exceptional conversion rates while steadily increasing your base of loyal clients, it’s time to focus on making your business as competitive as possible. There are multiple techniques you can deploy to make this happen, and some of them include:

1. Update Your Commercial Office Equipment.

This step is imperative if you’re serious about surpassing your competitors. When you use the best equipment available, you accelerate and optimize the process of completing daily operations that contribute to the business-building process. Since this is so, make sure that you don’t continue using lackluster, outdated equipment that impedes the completion of projects and assignments that keep your company growing. In the event that you’re in need of a new hybrid coupler, you can attain this and other types of broadband equipment and services from organizations like Werlatone.

2. Optimize Your Internet Marketing Process.

While many corporate leaders realize that marketing their brand online is a great way to remain competitive, not all of them take the time to optimize their internet marketing process. But you should. These days, business owners all over the globe are advertising their products and services via website, and this means that you are competing with them for the client’s attention and loyalty. The best way to ensure that your company stands out as the most desirable brand in the mind of the consumer is by hiring a group of trained, tenacious online advertising professionals to run your eCommerce campaign. Advertising experts can deploy multiple marketing methodologies to help you connect with and convert your online audience. Some of those methodologies include:

-link building
-online reputation management
-web design and development
-keyword analysis
-responsive web design
-target market research
-content marketing
-social media optimization

3. Develop SMART Goals.

One final technique you can use to make your company more competitive is developing SMART goals. This strategy will empower you to work more effectively by enabling you to clearly outline what you want to accomplish and the steps you will take to realize your professional objectives. The reason SMART goals are so effective is because they are 1. Specific 2. Measurable 3. Attainable 4. Realistic and 5. Time-specific. An example of a great SMART goal would be: “We will increase our staff by 15% in the months of August and September to increase our conversion rates by 10%.”


If you’re ready to leave all competitors in the dust and emerge as the industry leader within your respective field, you can get the process started right now. Use the principles and procedures listed for you above to make your company the most competitive entity on the block.

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School Holiday – Day 6

Yesterday was a maid-less day yet we did quite a bit at home. Since it’s a school holiday and I have been getting sufficient sleep, I had the energy to clean up and wash up after cooking breakfast and dinner.

After a day’s outing, we got home and the girls spent the entire evening helping grandma to make dumplings (kau ji).

Grandma’s dumplings are Alycia’s absolute favorite and for someone who hates dirtying her ‘royal hands’ with flour and oil but willing to spend hours rolling dough and wrapping them, the dumplings must be really dang good and worth her ‘royal’ time. ¬†Yup, this ‘tai siew che‘ behaves like a princess at home.


Today the girls spent another day in the kitchen and this posting will be for another day. I better continue packing our stuff for our trip up North.


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School Holiday – Day 5 (3 June 2016)

Today we had a rather unhealthy breakkie of char koay teow, curry noodles, Hakka noodles, mee rebus and good old iced teh C tarik and kopi peng at our favorite coffee shop alfresco style the Malaysian way — ‘kar liu’ with using 70% washed plates and cutlery¬†(with oil and detergent still intact) ¬†and other germs ūüėÄ ¬†Oh well, our body needs those germs to gain immunity from them.

After breakkie, we went to the coolest and most raved about supermarket in town right at the heart of our neighborhood for shopping and to enjoy the cool air conditioning after sweating it out in the morning sun.

Back home, I did some work on the computer while the girls stuck their butt to the couch with eyes glued to You Tube on the idiotic box.

Today, I decided to do something to get rid of the age spots on my cheeks naturally, yikes!!

I applied fresh lemon juice on my age spots and on drama queen’s nose to get rid of those black heads. ¬†Our #1 and #2 are at the age of getting pimples and black heads. ¬†I am trying out natural remedies on their pimples and black heads with lemon juice, melaleuca oil, Izumio and not forgetting that they get their daily dose of exercise to sweat out the toxins from their body. ¬†Click on the link above to hop to my health blog to find out if I had successfully removed those age spots.

Beauty banter – lemon juice for making lemonade and facial astringent for age spots and black heads ūüėÄ

Blueberries & cream Haagen-Dazs ice-cream for dessert after dinner.

This is our simple yet fulfilling holiday spent at home ūüėÄ



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School Holiday, Day 2 (1 June 2016)

This morning I was interviewed by a Caucasian professor from an Australian university at a cafe in my neighborhood. The topic was on social media¬†‘micro celebrities’ who are also parents. It’s for his research paper. It was an eye opening experience for me.

While I was away, Cass and Sherilyn attended Mandarin enrichment class at home. ¬†The mil spent the entire day making dumplings (‘bak chang’).

The last time she made dumplings was many, many moons back.

In the evening, the girls played badminton, football and skipping rope at the pool area, with me having a watchful eye over them from my air walker in the gym.


Our dinner was dumplings with 2 simple dishes of blanched mustard greens and steamed egg with minced meat.

The mil’s dumplings are suitable for the health conscious. ¬†They are bursting with mung beans, minced dried shrimps, salted egg yolk, mushrooms, chestnuts and pork. They are not oily, not salty and not cloy. Very yums!!

Tomorrow the mil will be making more dumplings. I guess we will be having dumplings for lunch or dinner everyday until the supply depletes ūüėÄ

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