CMCO Day 142 ~ Thursday, 29 October 2020

Since it’s a public holiday today and there’s no online class to attend, the youngest brat helped at her daddy’s shop with bento box packing. What to do, times are really bad and we have to cut down on staff wages and resort to child labor.

Just kidding, she went there to collect our lunch & dinner of Mee Siam, Nasi Hujan Panas, otak-otak, vegan spaghetti and beef rendang. It’s Cass’ first time out of prison ever since the CMCO was re-imposed 2 weeks ago.  This girl would probably drive her OCD and super persnickety dad bonkers and get fired if she were a part-time staff at his shop 😐

Mee Siam with chicken rendang and sambal set @ RM15/box from Catermate.

Nasi Hujan Panas (Rainbow Ghee Rice) with chicken curry, cili sambal fish and assorted fried vegetables @ RM20/box.

Vegetarian spagehtti


Slow-cooked Australia beef rendang @ RM50/box.

If you’d like to try Catermate’s bento boxes or pick something from their menu,  here’s how you can order:

📲Pls click this Whatsapp link to place your orders:

OR leave a comment here

OR message us at

🚶‍♂‍Self pick up Address:

Catermate Sdn Bhd
No.15, Jalan 1/109E, Desa Business Park, Taman Desa, Off Old Klang Road,
58100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
(opposite Bomba, same row as 99 Speedmart)

🚛 Delivery via Grab (paid by customer)


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How To Create A Low Maintenance Kitchen

If you love to cook and also have kids, then the chances are you’re often making a mess! It can sometimes start to feel as though you are spending more time cleaning your kitchen than you are enjoying it, which is frustrating. A few thoughtful touches to your kitchen design can make all the difference by creating a space that is practically effortless to clean and maintain.

Storage Solutions

The first thing to consider when you’re trying to create a lower maintenance kitchen is storage.

Clearing clutter off of your surfaces and into designated spaces means that cleaning your work surfaces takes much less time, and it also helps to prevent dust from accumulating. Smart storage solutions can help you to make the most of your space, and also save you time because everything you need will be stored in a logical space. Never again will you have to spend time digging through a huge drawer to find the lid that goes with the Tupperware you want to use!

small kitchen storage

Try installing shelves to create extra space, using drawer dividers to help keep your utensil drawer organized, and consider putting extra shelving in your cupboards so that you can see what’s in there more easily.

Durable Work Surfaces

When you’re choosing what kind of work surface you would like to install in your home, try to think about how you will be using your kitchen rather than just how it will look in your home.

For example, materials like granite are incredibly durable which means that you can use knives on the work surfaces and place hot pans on them without fear of causing damage, which can, in turn, make your kitchen much easier to use. It’s also a good idea to fit your surfaces in such a way that you minimize gaps and cracks where dirt and debris may accumulate.


As with work surfaces, it’s a good idea to consider how you will be using your kitchen when considering the layout. For example, having the sink next to the dishwasher makes it easy to rinse plates and load them straight in the dishwasher, and also means that you are less likely to drip dirty water across the kitchen.

If you would like some ideas on how to design a low maintenance kitchen layout, then contact a professional service like who will be more than happy to talk through your requirements with you.


Tile or stone flooring can look great, but it does add extra complexity to keeping it clean and well maintained because dirt and debris are likely to accumulate in the grouting between the tiles. If you’re looking for a low maintenance flooring, it’s a good idea to go with laminate or vinyl flooring which is one continuous sheet and therefore much easier and quicker to mop clean.

Kitchen Paint

Be sure to choose specialist kitchen paint when decorating your kitchen, as it has been designed to withstand damp, so it’s much easier to wipe clean, and you don’t have as high a risk of mildew and mold forming.

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How to Transition Your Style from Fall to Winter

There is no reason to spend a substantial sum on an extensive winter wardrobe. If you have many fall pieces you love, you might need to add a few basic items to create a jaw-dropping style during chillier temperatures.  If you want to feel confident and comfortable once December arrives, find out how to transition your style from fall to winter below.

Add Layers onto a Fall Look
It is likely you invested in a few warmer items in time for fall, such as turtlenecks, jeans, and tights, and these items can also serve you well during winter. The key to a great winter look is building layers, which can help you beat the cold outdoors and cool down when entering a warm home or store. For example, you could team a turtleneck with a cardigan, a stylish jacket, a scarf, and a hat, which will help you to tweak your temperature when winter arrives.

Buy Staple Outerwear
View fall as a time to introduce cozy sweaters, jeans, and boots into your closet, and you should then focus your attention on staple outwear during winter. For example, you could invest in puffa jackets, hooded macs, gilets, and egg jackets, which will keep you warm throughout the season.

If you are unsure about the right jacket design to flatter your curvy figure, you will be happy to learn you can take your pick from designer plus size clothing online to match your shape, style, and size. It is essential to choose quality items over quantity, which will allow you to return to an item every winter and to stand out on the street for all the right reasons.

Add Chunkier Accessories
It is a wise idea to stock up on chunkier accessories before winter arrives, such as a heavy knit beanie or a knitted scarf. It will shield your body from the inevitable cold and can complement many of the basic items in your fall wardrobe. You also can express your style and personality by buying accessories in different colors, textures, and patterns.

Put the Floral Prints Away
Most people wouldn’t bat an eyelid if you wore a floral print during fall, as it is a bright, colorful season. However, they might question your clothing choices if you wear a flowery top or dress during winter. As much as it might pain you to do so, you should retire the floral print until spring and incorporate darker, neutral colors into your winter style. You also could add pops of color with a vibrant scarf, hat, and/or a handbag.

Before you run out to stock up on winter clothing, you would be wise to review your closet to identify if you can add layers or accessories that can help you to create a seasonal look. For example, you should invest in high-quality outwear, chunky accessories, and flexible layers, which can help to both look and feel warm when temperatures start to plummet.

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How To Save Money As A Parent

When you are a parent, you’ll know that there are many things you need to spend money on. There will be extra food, for one thing, plus clothing and toys as well as educational equipment. You might even need to move to a larger property. It might not seem possible that you can save money when there is so much to pay out for, but there are several different ways you can do this and make parenting a much cheaper situation to be in. Read on to find out more.

Have A Budget

The reason that parenting starts becoming expensive is that there are so many different things that can be bought, and although they may not seem costly by themselves, added together it can all come to a lot of money.

The best way to combat this is to have a monthly budget. That way, you’ll know how much you can spend on non-essential items for your child (we don’t mean food and clothing, of course), and if your budget doesn’t cover it, then you’ll need to wait until you have the money. Without a sensible budget in place, you can easily overspend and find you are struggling financially by the end of the month.


Plan Ahead

The ability to plan is something that will help you in many different ways when you’re a parent, and in other aspects of your life too. Knowing what you’re going to do during schools breaks, knowing what you’re going to do as a career, knowing that you want to use for your funeral arrangements, and much more will all come in very useful.

When we are specifically talking about saving money as a parent, planning is just as crucial. It will allow you to budget more effectively, as mentioned above, and it will help you to be calmer and more collected. Why is this important? It’s because, if you can keep calm, you won’t spend out on things without first thinking everything through.

Get Free Things

Although this won’t be something that everyone can take advantage of, if you can get free items for your children, then this will clearly save you money. These items could be hand-me-downs from family and friends, or you might find someone local to you, giving something away on social media. If it’s something you need and would have spent money on, then this makes a lot of sense. If it’s something you wouldn’t have bought then think twice before agreeing to take it; do you need it, or could someone else benefit instead?

There is no shame in obtaining free clothing or toys for your children. It’s a great money-saving method, and when you’re done with the items, you can pass them on to someone else and help them out just like you were helped.

Of course, if there is no way to get free items, then buying used is almost as good. You can get some amazing bargains buying from a thrift store or an online auction, and many times those clothes and toys have barely been used.

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Our Talented Teenage Chef

Alycia and I realized that our dear in-house chef has a special preference when it comes to cooking. She seems to really enjoy making sushi/Gimbap and egg rolls. And everything Korean and Japanese!  With whatever she can find in the fridge, she has the Midas touch to transform all the ingredients into some very appetizing and aesthetically pleasing sushi, Gimbap and egg rolls in a jiffy, like a professional chef.  Her grandma and I can already hang up our aprons as we have such a talented and earnest chef at home to take over this chore.  And my very persnickety and critical MIL is starting to love what her talented grand daughter could dish out  😊

But we can only enjoy her cooking and bakes during the CMCO and holidays. Once school resumes when the CMCO is lifted, she’ll be back to her hectic life again.

Yesterday Sherilyn dished out these yummy egg rolls for lunch, as there was still quite a bit of leftover egg whites in the fridge after she used the yolks to make Frangipane tart and orange curd.

Fried spam and carrots in the middle, followed by seaweed, pan fried egg whites and lastly pan fried whole eggs. These keto egg rolls not only look alluring, they are really scrumptious.  I wonder where she learned to make all these from!

Lovely craftsmanship of artisanal food!

In the evening she prepped these Gimbap/Kimbap in a jiffy again because everyone else had Yomei’s purple rice yoghurt and this fussy girl finds it yucky to be chewing and gulping down rice with cold yoghurt 😬

Such a LOT of work goes into her Gimbap – the julienned carrots were sauteed, the sweet potato leaves were blanched, then seasoned the Korean style with sesame seed oil and soy sauce, egg strips and SPAM were pan fried before these were rolled with rice in a bamboo sushi mat.  But for someone who loves cooking, the entire preparation is a joy, though very tedious.

Alycia and I  thoroughly enjoyed our Yomie’s purple rice yoghurt for dinner and Cass had melon yoghurt. I think it’s quite a well balanced drink with protein from the yoghurt, and carbs and fiber from the chewy and addictive flavorful purple rice.  The fresh yoghurt and purple rice blend give the beverage a viscous and creamy consistency, while not being overly sweet.  These drinks are filled with beneficial probiotics and many people consume this drink as a meal replacement or diet drink.   Even the mil approved this drink as a meal for dinner! 😆

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A Guide to Staying Safe on Two-Wheeled Vehicles

Whether you are planning to ride a motorbike yourself, or if it is one of the kids who has an adventurous spirit, safety should be your number one priority. After all, you are at a higher risk of suffering a serious injury when you are on a two-wheeled vehicle. So, here are a few of the ways that you can protect your well-being when riding a motorbike or scooter. 

Choose the Right Vehicle 
First of all, you need to choose your vehicle carefully, so check out for some good options. If you are buying a second-hand vehicle, you need to be particularly selective as a pre-owned vehicle is more likely to have faults. If you are buying new, you should look for a trusted retailer.

Wear the Appropriate Protective Equipment and Clothing 
Once you have selected the right vehicle, you then need to invest in the best protective equipment and clothing. First of all, you need a good solid helmet as protecting your head is paramount. One with a face shield also gives you that added layer of protection to your face area. You should also wear leather clothing as this will give your body a good level of defence should you end up in an accident. Gloves and shoes with non-skid soles are other items to add to your shopping list. Reflective tape and fluorescent clothing will also help you to be seen when you are riding during the night-time hours.

Follow All Traffic Rules 
You should have already taken a license to drive your two-wheeled vehicle, but following the rules of the road is obviously highly important as they have been put in place for a reason. If you are in a different country or state, you need to follow all traffic rules of the local area.

Ride Defensively 
As we mentioned at the start of the article, when you are on a motorbike or scooter, you are in a more vulnerable position on the road. This means that you should adopt a more defensive riding style as this will keep you safe from the bigger vehicles that are out on the road. A huge proportion of accidents occur when drivers do not notice bikes or you are in their blind spot, which means that you should avoid driving too aggressively as it is your own safety that you will end up putting at risk.

Keep Your Bike Properly Serviced 
Before you embark on any journey – and particularly before you head out on a long ride – you should ensure that you keep your bike properly serviced. Take a look at your tires and look out for any bulges or signs of wear and tear. You also need to ensure that they are always properly pumped up. Look for any signs of oil leaks that have occurred underneath the motorbike or scooter. Check your headlights to ensure that they are in good working order. Also, inspect your hydraulic and coolant fluids on a weekly basis.

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Lovely Gifts For Friends Or Family Members During This Pandemic

A few days ago, amidst feeling doom and gloom from all the negativity caused by the pandemic and CMCO, a parcel sent to my home cheered me up instantly.  I received my happy products from DCR Marketing Sdn. Bhd, the authorized dealer in Malaysia, representing a US-based lifestyle brand, Natural Life.

Check out what I received!

The CUTEST mugs that will make me smile every time I drink from it!  Cass chose a dog mug as she loves dogs (and so do I!) and I chose a mug with two cute 3D otters on it.  These dishwasher-safe pretty ceramic mugs are hand sculpted and comes with a cute mini message on the inside rim.

Cass also chose a cute doggo key chain in matte silver metal. It comes with a leather cord and wooden painted beads; the key chain is encased in a classy craft box with gold foil.  This will make an excellent gift to dog lovers.

I also chose an ultra cute and colorful grocery tote bag with the words:  Go Everywhere. Talk to everyone. Eat everything.    

I really love the message on the bag as this is what I really want to do right now, in the middle of this CMCO.  But I guess it’s going to take months before I can go everywhere, talk to everyone and eat everything again 😎.  I love this grocery tote bag as it’s very spacious and has sturdy nylon webbed handles that are strong enough for me to put my heavy groceries.  The bag is made with 80% recycled plastic water bottles.  How cool is that!

Natural Life, a brand under DCR Marketing’s Dream Shop carries a wide range of  lifestyle products from the US and their product range includes things that one would use everyday — mugs, shopping bags, lunch bags, charms, hair accessories, towels, blankets, stationeries, household appliances and many more.   If you’re thinking of sending a friend or loved ones a gift, you’ve found the best online shop at Dream Shop.

As Covid-19 continues to progress in almost every part of the world, more and more people find themselves practicing social distancing, self-isolating, or in quarantine as they recover.  It’s heart wrenching to see the number of new cases in our beloved country soar to an all time high of 4 digits twice within a week.

This seemingly never-ending pandemic is an overwhelming and isolating time for many, but there’s hope in small ways that you can connect with those whom you care about and love. Besides the usual Zoom video and Whatsapp video call with your loved ones, you can get creative in the way you express your care through gifts. It’s the small and unexpected surprises that go a long way.

There’s no better time than now to send a gift to someone that you’re missing right now. You don’t have to wait until his/her birthday or for a special occasion to come by. A gift sent during this pandemic is the best way to bring cheer and a smile to people whom you care for, to replace a real hug and a kiss  🥰

Click on the links below to start shopping now:

Website :

Facebook :

Instagram :




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Chef Leah’s Low Carb / Keto Cakes

My order of a Low Carb Cranberries and Nuts Cake from Chef Leah with a big heart arrived from Melaka yesterday. I was so worried that the cake would crumble as we all know how some courier guys manhandle and toss those parcels without a flipping care. It’s my first time ordering a cake delivered from another state.  I was so relieved when the cake reached me safely and in one piece. And it reached me after just 1 day of it being posted! The cake is so delish and nutty that I couldn’t help snacking on it.

I’ve been gorging on the cake with a peace of mind as all the ingredients that go into the cake are low carb and sugar-free. Cass and I finished the entire cake in just 1.5 days!  Check out the last ingredient!

For those of you who are on a keto/low-carb/low-sugar diet, do give Leah’s cakes a try. This extremely caring and loving teenage girl has been baking for years to raise funds for Adele, her baby sister who is brain injured. Leah also plans to open a cafe next year. I hope her dream will materialize. Their family’s story was featured in the newspapers a few years ago.

Chef Leah – one of the most sensible, thoughtful and matured teenagers whom I know.  May God bless her and her family.

The cake is 100% Gluten and Sugar Free!   Each loaf contains the following ingredients:

1. Almond flour
2. Sugar free cranberries
3. Kampung eggs
4. Butter
5. Secret spices
6. Lemon and orange zests
7. Xylithol
8. Walnut
9. Almond slices
10. Young Living Ningxia Juice

For enquiries on her low carb / keto / sugar-free nutty fruit cake, kindly Whatsapp Leah @+6011-2084 1081

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Coat Trends For 2020

Some of you may be wishing that summer is just around the corner but the reality is most of you still have a few more months of coat-swaddling weather ahead of you!  Whether you’re a fan of trench coats, cardigans, puffers, boyfriend’s blazers, women’s fashion sweaters or oversize teddy coats, these wardrobe staple is an absolute necessity this time of the year. They keep you warm and stylish throughout the cold months.

You might be getting tired of wearing the same coats that you wore last winter.  The bitter cold temperatures will be so worth it when you get to wear chic new coats that make you look so swank.  This season there are plenteous of gorgeous new styles for all the right reasons.  With endless coat options to suit every style, whether you want to tap into this season’s animal print or opt for faux fur coats, women’s trench coats or an ultra cuddly teddy coat, there is a coat to suit every mood at Holapick.  I’ve chosen 5 best-selling fall and winter outerwear essential  from Holapick.  Some of these coat trends are dominating street style pictures this year.

1.  Hooded Slit Pocket Zips Quilted Long Sleeve Coat

2.  Faux Fur Collar Frayed Trim Plain Batwing Sleeve Coat

3. Lapel Long Sleeve Plain Button Pocket Casual Coat

4.  Super Elegant Fold-Over Collar Plain Long Outerwear

5. Street style sub-square stripe stitching split shawl

Experimenting with a new look is the key to keeping fashion fun and to brighten up your day when you feel doom and gloom amidst the pandemic.  Make a statement in a faux fur long trench coat or swaddle yourself in a soft puffer jacket in a bright happy color, with the new season coats that offer timeless appeal.

If you’re in search of the perfect winter pick me up for 2020, look no further than at Holapick, an online store where fashionistas are spoilt for choices with the season’s most exciting winter outerwear and more!


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CMCO Day 137 ~ Saturday, 24 October 2020

One of hubby’s business associates is the latest casualty of the severe economic fallout. The successful event organizing business that she built over the decade crumbled under the weight of economic hardship brought on by the pandemic.  My heart bleeds for her and her staff who have to lose their source of income.   After clearing her office to move out, she gave hubby a big box of brand new fine Japanese tableware and mugs, still wrapped up in newspapers and encased in boxes without asking for a cent. Bless her generous heart and I hope that she will be able to find new opportunities very soon.

Such pretty and carefully crafted tableware. This would have cost a lot had we bought them.

Cass and I love these patterned pastel blue and pink bowls. They’re so exquisite and intricately carved.

1228 is an auspicious number for the Chinese but we definitely don’t like seeing such a number in the daily Covid-19 status update.  Today our country reported 1228 new cases.  I am certain that the CMCO will be extended beyond 27 October 😭

With his wings clipped even longer, we are really not sure how long more hubby’s catering business can sustain in this economic fallout where no social gatherings are allowed 😓.   Competition in the food delivery sector is extremely stiff.  A few days ago in a  food delivery group on Facebook, someone requested for food to be delivered to the KLCC area for 30 pax and over 200 food delivery companies and homebased cooks fought real hard to win the small slice of cake.

The latest economic casualty at our neighborhood – another two shops shuttered for good.

My wish now is for hubby’s business to be able to sail through this stormy weather and emerge unscathed. This year will be extremely tough on us but I am confident that we will win the war.

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Fall & Winter Jackets You’ll Love

2020 hasn’t been what any of us expected but the fashion trends live on. As winter is rolling in soon, many of you will be sporting chic casual outerwear and winter coats when you stroll to the supermarket or enjoy a masked walk with a friend or loved one in the chilly weather.  The 2020 jacket trends are just too gorgeous to resist and it makes wearing these new trends so exciting.  Jackets are an essential item in almost everyone’s wardrobe, especially if you live in a country with cold weather.   Pair them with your favorite washed denim jeans or leather pants and then layer up with warm turtlenecks and cashmere for winter.

Though you may be going to fewer places this fall and winter due to the pandemic, you’re still sure to get plenteous use out of your fashionable jacket trends.   I rounded up some ideas on how to wear four of the cool and lavish jacket trends this fall and winter.  While you might be feeling frustrated that you won’t be headed to as many year-end events wearing Insta-worthy outfits this year, let these 2020 jacket trends inspire you to dress up for all occasions, including to your Zoom meetings from home!

1.  Long coat with faux fur
This timeless elegant long coat with faux fur is forever trendy. It is a fashion statement for this winter season to choose a faux fur design, incorporating it into your wardrobe, while enjoying the warmth it provides, whether heading to work or out for a meal.

2.  Slim-cut leather jacket
Leather jackets are a go-to for all seasons in 2020. For fall, you can pair this slim-cut leather jacket from CharmWish with a cool midi dress and knee-length boots. For winter, this pairs well with denim jeans, thick leggings and sneakers.  You might be surprised just how versatile this maximalist leather jacket can be.

3.  Double-breasted Lapel Collar Small Suit
This blazer was practically made for fall—but can totally work for just about any season. Try pairing it with smart trousers, wide leg pants or even a plain white tee and leggings.

4.  Casual loose multicolor color block puff sleeves cardigan
From haute couture runways to high streets, puff sleeves are everywhere and they’re showing no signs of slowing down. Look to any sleeve on any garment right now, and you will have good odds that it is puffed in some way.   This ultra soft cardigan with big puff sleeves in sweet pastel colors reminds me of a cuddly cute unicorn. You can rock this cute oversized cardigan with tee and pants or even a long shift dress.

Is there anything chicer than a sophisticated wool coat or a long coat with faux-fur trimming?   It almost doesn’t matter what you wear underneath it since the  coat will ensure your overall look is a swanky one. Fall and winter are the best times to look glamorous in polished coats and jackets.  Browse a wide variety of chic, elegant, casual and cute outerwear and fashion tops at CharmWish. There’s an ongoing Flash Sale at this online store now!


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How To Run a Factory

Getting started in the mass-manufacturing industry can be intimidating. Knowing which tools and equipment in which to invest, which proper processes and procedures to implement and what to expect are a great jumping-off point! Read through these tips before making your next big move.

Gather the Necessary Equipment

When you’re putting together the factory floor, you will need to ensure that you have all the right equipment to get your employees started. Many industries, like the food industry, gardening industry, or even medical industry, likely utilize something called a ribbon mixer, otherwise known as a ribbon blender. These machines have been around for many decades, churning and mixing products for mass release to the public. These industrial blenders are fairly inexpensive to obtain and maintain, making them a popular choice among factory owners.

Inside a Ribbon Blender

Implement Safety Procedures

Safety is a crucial element when starting a new manufacturing business. Your workers deserve a safe, healthy environment to work in; don’t let issues and malpractice get swept under the rug. When it comes to rolling out safety precautions and rules, start at the very beginning: hiring the right workers. Properly vetting your employees prior to employment, rather than accepting every applicant to get started at a faster pace, could potentially save you time and energy in the future.

Prepare in Advance

Wondering what to expect when you’re expecting a new start? Set up trustworthy partnerships, do your research and don’t rush the process. Often times, business owners jump into bad partnerships or dismiss proper research and go with their gut. Taking the time to properly prepare your manufacturing business will help you be successful.

Lastly, be excited about your new venture! While it’s important to take your time and invest in the right people and equipment, remember to enjoy the process and plan for the future.

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Salvaging & Transforming A Failed Dish Into A Famed Dish

Yesterday was one of those rare days that the stars weren’t aligned for our in-house teenage chef.  Everything that she cooked was a flop, sort of.  She made skewered boneless chicken thighs but it didn’t turn out as expected – the  pan-fried chicken didn’t have the charred parts and tasted undercooked.  The grilled egg plants + potatoes + big onions were also undercooked.  The lemon and herbs rice was a joke that made everyone cackle at the dining table. After each spoonful of rice that we put into our mouths, we had to snigger.  Take a look at the lemon herbs rice  – we had envisioned fluffy and aromatic rice but the rice turned out looking and tasting like porridge risotto and Korean rice cakes.  Or maybe like baby food 😆

I told Sherilyn not to bin the rice as she’d put in so much effort and time into cooking it and suggested that I could buy some Mozzarella cheese and roast chicken breast the next day to bake the failed lemon herbs rice. But this creative girl had some other ingenious plans with the flopped rice. She gave the rice a total transformation and churned out some crispy fried sushi the next day!

She made an assortment of fried sushi with the failed rice by coating the rice with Panko bread crumbs before pan-frying them. The result was a big batch of totally disguised, yummy and crispy fried sushi!

She pan-fried some eggs rolls and spam meat for the Uramaki.  Sherilyn is now a pro when it comes to making Japanese egg rolls. It’s a skill that comes so naturally for her.

She also made some ‘fusion Nigiri’ with a restauranty edge 😆.  Food that’s aesthetically pleasing some how tastes better, eh?😆

Sherilyn gave a box of sushi to her beloved kakak Maria who was here today.  Maria always gets a share of everything that we cook and bake.  During the MCO when she wasn’t allowed into our condo, I occasionally drove somewhere nearby to meet her to pass Catermate’s daily bento boxes to her.

This packet of locally made Panko bread crumbs is pretty good.  It gives all her panko coated dishes a very crispy and less oily texture. It’s available at 99 Speedmart and only costs RM4.15 a packet.

I also collected food from Catermate for lunch today – Mee Siam with chicken rendang and sambal.

Mee Siam set from hubby’s shop @ Catermate is priced at RM15/box.

🚶‍♂‍Self pick up Address:

Catermate Sdn Bhd
No.15, Jalan 1/109E, Desa Business Park, Taman Desa, Off Old Klang Road,
58100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
(opposite Bomba, same row as 99 Speedmart)

🚛 Delivery via Grab (paid by customer)

📲Pls click this Whatsapp link to place your orders:

OR leave a comment here

OR message us at

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What To Do When You Work Full-Time and Your Child Starts Full-Day School

Starting school can be an amazing time and watching your kids grow up can be a wonderful time for a parent; however, a full day of school does not always work well for full-time employees. Considering the school day typically ends earlier than the average workday, many parents find themselves struggling in these few extra hours. If you are about to make this transition, here are a few things that you can do.


Scheduling childcare can help you rest assured that your little one is safe and cared for. Whether you have a family member who can watch your children for a few hours, your neighborhood has cooperative community care or you have after school care Tampa FL, this can help you continue your normal work schedule. It is even better if you can find a way to keep your child having fun and mentally stimulated.

Girl sitting on playmat

Alternative Work Arrangements

If you have limited options, you can also talk to your manager and your company about flexible work options. Whether you work from home for a few hours at the end of the day or have a compressed workweek, there may be alternatives to your standards schedule that can better accommodate your child’s new schedule. You’ll never know until you ask.

Young boy building 3d objects

Talking to Your Child

Transitioning to a full-day schedule can be a scary time for children. If you want to ensure that this is a smooth transition for everyone, you should take some time to talk to your kids about this next step. By taking the time to help them understand the process, you can manage their expectations, reduce some of the fear of the transition and even get them excited. By investing time into this conversation, you can reduce the barriers and meltdowns during the initial stages of transition.

If you are worried about managing your work life and your home life as your child starts school, this is a normal worry for many parents. While this can be intimidating, you can navigate this process with ease if you plan and prepare.

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Why I Love Camping and Hiking

The health benefits of camping are plenteous for both adults and young people. When you’re spending time at home in your usual routine, you may not realize just how much you’re missing away from nature. It is through camping that I learned how to build a campfire, how to cook, bathe, answer nature’s call and sleep the cavemen’s way! And most importantly, the camaraderie that my friends and I built during our camping days that lasted us over 30 years and still counting.   I also learned that during a hike in a dense jungle on an island, we need to be properly attired. You don’t necessarily need to be attired with tactical clothing but  if you have some tactical clothing on, your limbs will be well protected from bites, scratches and superficial injuries should you get cut by twigs, branches and falls during a hike in a jungle.

My first camping trip was when I was 13 years old. That was in December 1986 and the camping spot was at one of the many beautiful secluded islands with pristine waters off Pangkor Island. My classmates and I joined some boys and girls from another school in the trip organized by my patrol leader (girl guides society).  That was one of the best times of my life and I got hooked on camping after my maiden camping trip. After this camping trip, we had several more camping trips organized by the same teacher.  If I could turn back the clock, I would turn it back to the year 1986 and relive that year all over again.

The very first time I went hiking in a jungle, I wore shorts and short sleeves tee and my limbs ended up with kisses from mozzies and scratches from twigs.  We were lost in the jungle and our 13-year old male guide finally brought us down several hours later and it was already super duper dark inside the jungle. That was one of the scariest experiences in my life! Nonetheless, we had SO MUCH fun and drama!  And you know what? I am still Facebook friends with this 13-year old male guide whom I met during my first camping trip until today.  That is why everyone should experience camping and hiking to build friendships that will last a lifetime.

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CMCO Day 133 ~ Tuesday, 20 October 2020

CMCO means more baking and cooking at home, especially when there’s someone at home who’s always raring to try out new recipes!

Today Sherilyn made Naan bread from scratch to make Naan pizza and cheese Naan for lunch. She made a batch of pan-fried Naan last Saturday (without any oil) and the Naan turned out really well – like those from Indian restaurants! We all loved it, including low-carb moi and the persnickety matriarch who can be very critical on food cooked by other people!  🤫

Our in-house teenage chef also marinated some boneless organic Pineapple chicken thighs to make chicken satay for dinner tomorrow. And she did all these while listening to her Math teacher on loud speaker mode on the phone in the wet kitchen during online class 🤓

After bringing Sherilyn to the gadgets and accessories shop to get new earphones (for online classes), we collected Nasi Hujan Panas and chicken rendang from hubby’s shop. Dinner is now settled as well.

Nasi Hujan Panas (Rainbow Ghee Rice cooked with spices), chicken drumstick rendang, cili fish, stir-fried assorted vegetables and mushrooms and chicken curry for dinner tonight.

For those of you who’d like to try Catermate‘s daily bento boxes, here’s how you can place your order:

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