K-Pop Queens

When we were back in Ipoh during the Deepavali holidays, Alycia and Drama Queen took every opportunity to don on their caps.  They seem to have a fetish with caps and have a collection of them but the thing is they hardly have the opportunity to don on their caps in KL. It is only during the school holidays when we are on trips that they get to flaunt their caps. Alycia also wears  a cap during tennis lessons.

Check out the K-pop queen donning on a hot pink GAP cap (ironically she hates pink) and a choker necklace.  She sells choker necklaces, DIY dream catchers and DIY slime in her online store.  Alycia and Drama Queen have a collection of caps given to them by their aunts from Hawaii, New Zealand and Hong Kong.

My mum raised her eyebrow when she saw how ineptly dressed the K-pop queen was at her wedding anniversary dinner at a Chinese restaurant when everyone else was dressed to the nines 😲


Her excuse was she does not own a dress and hates dresses. This coming from a once upon a time little fashionista who adored frocks and skirts (she used to hate wearing pants) and dolled herself up like a Christmas tree with dangling necklaces, earrings, bangles, hair clips and head bands even at home.  Gone are the good old days that I miss so much 😭

Drama Queen when she was 6yo. Always in her lovely frocks, necklaces, hair clips and girlish sandals.

Drama Queen when she was about 8yo.

In case you are wondering why K-pop queens is the title, just a little revelation about these 2 girls. They are huge K-drama and K-pop fans, especially the big girl!



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Bonding With My Eldest

Every Friday, I have a one-to-one little jaunt with my eldest daughter. After Math tuition, I would drive her to the night market. She loves walking the night market to grab her favorite snacks. We would munch on snacks whilst strolling the road and stop by her favorite stalls which is a very delightful past time.

If the weather permits and it does not rain, we would scoff down a few sticks of ‘balls’ at the ‘look look’ van. Of all the snacks at the night market, we love the ‘look look’ van the best.

I know what’s on your mind y’all. Why is health freak mommy allowing this unhealthy food? Those fishballs and meatballs on bamboo skewers cooked in a pot of boiling water that everyone else dips their skewers inside too ain’t the healthiest choice of food. I believe that if we eat a little bit of something less than healthy once in a blue moon, we will still be fine. Just don’t go overboard. I do indulge moderately in my favorite less than healthy food once in a while to satiate that craving. Most days are clean eating and I have that cheat day once or twice in a week 😀


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Just For Laughs

For the second time, the big girl had the itch in her butt to sit on those kiddie rides again, ha! 😆  She must have missed being a toddler again. Guess she wanted to feel nostalgic being a little child again and at the same time,  amuse us with her antics.

We were at Gardens Mall the other day. After lunch at Ying Ker Lou, we passed by Paddington The Bear and the big girl tried to hop into the car.  With her barely fitting into Paddington’s little car, I gave her a 50 sen coin but I think the mechanical car seemed to have felt her weight and it ate up the coin, bummer!  I was a tad disappointed as I was really looking forward to see her bump up and down the car, just for the sake of laughing out loud with my 3 girls.

She didn’t get to ride Paddington’s car but we all had a hearty guffaw seeing how she tried to clamber onto the car and got stuck 😆😁

Laughter is the best medicine. It decreases stress hormones and increases immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies, thus improving your resistance to disease. Laughter triggers the release of endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good chemicals. Endorphins promote an overall sense of well-being and can even temporarily relieve pain. Try to make yourself and your loved ones laugh everyday. Do and say something silly, just for laughs.  It’s one of the best vitamins for your body 😀😀


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Cass Goes Up The Stage

Hubs and I were in school this morning to cheer on  our baby girl who went up the stage to receive a trophy.  The top ten students from standard 1 through 6 in the academic year get to receive a trophy.

Mighty proud of our baby girl 🙂 🙂


After we left school, hubs and I had a quick lunch, then sped home to send Alycia off with her aunt Krystle from Hong Kong (hubs’ sister) for a short holiday.  For the first time, Alycia will be going for a holiday without her parents or grandma.  Her aunt Krystle came back from Hong Kong for a short holiday and will spend the weekend in Ipoh and Penang.  Alycia, her aunt Krystle and Krystle’s friend will be visiting Ipoh and Penang for 5 days 4 nights. Gawd, that’s pretty long for my soon-to-be teenager to be away from her mummy and cosy home. Hopefully she’ll remember the long list of reminders that I’d asked her to do each day. Just 10 days shy of entering teenage-hood, I am constantly thinking of this girl now and wonder if she’s enjoying herself or missing home. Is she drinking enough water? Is she gobbling down junk food and fried food? Will she get separated from her aunt and get lost in a foreign place?  Hubs keeps telling me that she’s not a baby anymore, she’s a big girl now and capable of taking care of herself.  But still, she’s only 12 and still a baby in my eyes.


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Alycia Learns Tennis

Yesterday was Alycia’s much-awaited first tennis lesson.  She’s been longing to learn tennis for a long, long time.  I finally asked the coach’s wife (who is a Japanese) about the lessons when I bumped into her in the morning last week.  A date for the first lesson was set.  The big girl was super duper excited!

When I was Alycia’s age, it was my dream to learn tennis but the lessons and tennis racket were beyond my parents’ budget. So I had to let the dream slip off. Now I am living my dream through my daughter!  Don’t get me wrong, I am not pushing Alycia to learn tennis at all. The fee ain’t cheap ok. It’s a frigging RM50 for 1/2 hour and RM100 for 1 hour.  It’s just that she wants to pick up a sports that she likes and she seems to have a thing with games that use rackets. So tennis it is for her! Plus it is very convenient for us as the lessons are held at our condo.

Thank God for the lovely weather. It was breezy and wasn’t hot at all though the lesson was held at 4:30pm. Since the weather permitted, I stayed at the tennis court and watched her learn tennis.

Alycia picked up the game pretty fast…

The 2 other sisters stayed at the court – Drama Queen took videos and Whatsapped it to my family’s chat group while Cass helped to collect the tennis balls.

Such a great helper she is by helping the coach to pick up tennis balls. Cass had a very good workout too running back and forth collecting the balls for a whole half an hour.

Alycia can’t wait to attend the second lesson next week. I’m just thinking if I should also let Drama Queen join in the lesson. It would be good if she picks up tennis too so that she can practise with Alycia.  But it would cost double if she learns too! I’ll have to relook at our expenses and do some calculations now or perhaps ask for a discount from the coach >.<



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School Holiday – Day 6

Yesterday was a maid-less day yet we did quite a bit at home. Since it’s a school holiday and I have been getting sufficient sleep, I had the energy to clean up and wash up after cooking breakfast and dinner.

After a day’s outing, we got home and the girls spent the entire evening helping grandma to make dumplings (kau ji).

Grandma’s dumplings are Alycia’s absolute favorite and for someone who hates dirtying her ‘royal hands’ with flour and oil but willing to spend hours rolling dough and wrapping them, the dumplings must be really dang good and worth her ‘royal’ time.  Yup, this ‘tai siew che‘ behaves like a princess at home.


Today the girls spent another day in the kitchen and this posting will be for another day. I better continue packing our stuff for our trip up North.


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It’s Alycia’s 12th Birthday Today!

My precious baby turns 12 today!

The day I found out that the IUI fertility treatment that hubs and I went through together was a success (i.e. we conceived Alycia) and the day I first saw Alycia 12 years ago today were the happiest days in my life!

There are no celebrations lined up today as everyone is super busy running last minute errands before we fly off to Hong Kong tomorrow.  We’re going to have a nice dinner at our favorite cafe tonight though, with a cake-cutting session.

This morning, we left the house at 8:30am, with girls and 2 grandaunts in tow to get these done:

Sent my car to the Hyundai service center for service.
Went to KL Sentral to collect our train tix (for our return trip from Ipoh – KL on 23 Dec).
Went for breakfast.
Sent Sherilyn and Cass to the hair saloon to get their hair trimmed.
While waiting for us, hubs brought the rest to get groceries at the supermarket.
Collected my car from Hyundai service center.

Below: someone is very, very bumped out that daddy had to drag her to the hair salon again, hollering away for her to get down the car. Each time she gets a hair trimming session, it’s a HUGE drama ok… with more tears shed than hair!

See from the picture yourself and tell me who the hair salon drama queen is! 😀

Image may contain: 2 people


As I am typing this post, I am taking a breather from packing.  Packing for 3 kids and for own self for a holiday to a cold country is not fun ok.

Exactly a year ago on 5 Dec 2014, Alycia and Sherilyn took a flight to Auckland, New Zealand with grandma.  Alycia’s a very, very lucky girl. How many kids below 12 years old out there gets an overseas holiday as birthday present every year eh? 😉


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Our Monday – 23 November 2015 (A Full Day Out At The Malls)

Just realized that I have not updated this blog for almost 4 days!


School holidays!!  That’s why apart from the 2-3 hours of extra of sleep that I get each day, I have fewer hours for myself and for work each day throughout the school holidays.

Today, I spent the entire day at Mid Valley Megamall and Gardens Mall.  Why? To send the ‘tai siew che’ (eldest princess) to party and karaoke at Red Box with her gang of classmates.

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling


I snapped the above picture so that I can refer to my phone on which exit I should take to get to the car park 😀  Yeah I know, my memory sucks after 3 C-sect births.

The big girl is already missing all her classmates dearly as many of them will be going to different high schools next year. They have already planned a movie date for this Sunday.

Image may contain: 2 people

Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling

Image may contain: 23 people, people smiling

After I sent Alycia to Red Box, I had lunch with #2 and #3 at a Japanese fast-food joint.

Image may contain: 1 person

Then the 3 of us shopped till we dropped, no pun intended!  We walked the entire 2 shopping malls for over 6 hours!

And spent the longest time at Jelly Bunny shoes and Uniqlo…

Image may contain: 1 person

I bought Jelly Bunny shoes for these 2 rascals…

Image may contain: 2 people

When they complaint of being tired and hungry, we stopped at Nana’s Green Tea for food. And I finally managed to get some work done on my phone with the free WiFi at Nana’s while waiting for the ‘tai siew che’ to party at Red Box.

Image may contain: 1 person

Nana’s Green Tea’s green tea ice-cream and green tea beverages and desserts are the best I’ve ever tasted!  I am a big big fan of green tea and to say that Nana’s Green Tea’s green tea products are good, they are really good. I am already drooling just thinking about their green tea drink and green tea ice-cream 😛

Image may contain: 2 people

Despite walking for 6 hours at the shopping malls, I was surprisingly still not tired at all!   It must be the Izumio and Super Lutein giving me the power!  Also, I cannot stress how important getting sufficient sleep is to our mental and physical state.  For me, I need 7-8 hours of sleep each night to feel good the next day but I only  get this amount of sleep during the school holidays.  So can you imagine how screwed up I am on regular school-going days with just 4-5 hours of sleep?

My resolution for 2016 is to clock in 6-7 hours of sleep each day. Can I do it? Pray tell… 😀


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UPSR Results And Close Of Primary Chapter

And so today is the day that Alycia and I have been waiting anxiously for over 2 months. Today is the day that the UPSR exam is released. I am sure you are waiting impatiently for this posting too, eh? 😉

I did not expect too much from Alycia in this UPSR exam. I did not expect straight As from her as I know her Chinese writing and BM writing are not her strong subjects. Moreover, after the controversy over the Form 5 level Chinese test paper given to Primary 6 UPSR students recently, I had lesser expectation from her. To add to that, from what she told me after her BM papers, I think she had written her BM essay out of topic. Double ouch! Thank God she survived without getting a ‘D’ / ‘F’ and got a ‘B’, PHEW!!

But you know what? She scored an ‘A’ for that highly controversial Chinese paper!  I am floored, ha!!

I only expected 3- 4 As from Alycia given all the boo boos that she made. Though Alycia has been getting the first place position in her class (2nd elite class) for all the exams this year, the bungle she made in her BM essay in this UPSR exam plus her mediocre strength in Chinese writing made her lose the few marks to garner an A for both the papers.

On another note, Alycia received a trophy from the school on Monday for good grades throughout the year 🙂

But I’m perfectly fine with her for not scoring straight As.  Scoring 5As 2Bs are good enough for me 🙂 After all, UPSR is only the first major exam that she had gone through. She will have many more exams awaiting her in years to come. Much much more tougher exams.

This morning, Alycia’s friend, J (a very outspoken girl) called me from school and pulled a prank on me!

J – hello aunty, your dear daughter is crying now. She only has 3As. Aiyo, she’s crying so badly now!!

Me – really ar? It’s ok la. Let me talk to her.

A – mummy, I got 5As and 2Bs ha ha ha!!! (and I heard a loud guffaw in the background from her cheeky friends @@@!!)

After school, one of Alycia’s bestie’s mother brought them to Mid Valley Megamall and Gardens Mall for lunch, shopping and dinner to celebrate the closing of a good chapter in primary school. Alycia had made many good friends and some of them will join her in high school next year.

Alycia and her besties have already made plans scheduled for tomorrow right through to next week, including a karaoke treat to all their teachers. I am glad that Alycia has enjoyed her 6 years of primary school thoroughly. I enjoyed mine immensely and till today, I still keep in touch with my besties since primary school 🙂

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Our Saturday – 13 Sept 2015

It’s the first Saturday post UPSR exam. Alycia finally gets to join us for breakfast and then grocery shopping. For the past 9 months, her Saturdays were spent in school from 7am till 3pm. Life was grueling for these 11-12 year olds. They were drilled to score straight As.  I don’t like this kind of army-style grilling. The past 9 months of her life centered on just school books, piles of workbooks and worksheets, memorization, purging of what was taught, tests after tests and more tests.

Alycia’s first real battlefield is now behind her. I think Miss Cool Cucumber has fought very calmly as I see no fear, panic or distress in her at all!  From the teacher’s own marking in school, Alycia has a ‘B’ for her Chinese paper. But she is not really sulking over a ‘B’ as the UPSR Chinese paper this year had questions meant for SPM (Form 5) takers!  The questions were found to have been extracted from a SPM Chinese workbook and junior high textbook in China. There’s been a lot of media on this issue for the past few days. Horror!!  Our hope now is that the passing and scoring marks will be lowered for that matter. I think it’s fair.

Here’s the article from The Star:


Shopping after our breakfast on Saturday.

Both sisters were in a very cheery mood.  At Alycia’s request, I bought her a second tub of Sunnyside Farms ice cream and 3 boxes of Magnum Gold ice creams. She’s been eating chocolates and ice creams everyday for the past 1 month to de-stress!  I can see the exam stress lifted off her shoulders now  and she’s chillaxing with more ice creams and an overdose of iPod at home, for the loss of playtime for the past 1 month, HA!


We had dinner at Sun Kam Kee restaurant @ Pudu.


After dinner, hubs brought us for cakes and soft serve ice cream at Red Kettle.

I will have many battlefields and hurdles to grapple with and cross together with my daughters  for the next 15 years.  I pray that God will bestow me with guidance and strength to guide them well with none of us going into a mental breakdown 😀

We will now have to wait for 2 months before the UPSR results are out. In the meantime, I’ll let the big girl enjoy her 3 months of freedom before she starts junior high school!

Happy Sunday world! 😀

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Freedom At Last!


Alycia’s UPSR exam is finally over!  Today, she brought back some of the UPSR test papers marked by her anxious school teachers while the answer sheets have been sent for marking  by MoE appointed teachers. Now we roughly know how many As Alycia will be getting!

Did you read the article from Sin Chew Daily today which reported that this year’s UPSR Chinese test paper is way beyond the level for Year 6 pupils? It reported that the questions were of similar difficulty level with SPM (Form 5) Chinese test paper!  Now they are considering lowering the minimum mark for scoring ‘A’ for this year’s UPSR Chinese test paper.  And I am feeling hopeful! 🙂

Though Alycia still needs to sit for her school’s final exam in three weeks’ time (for subjects not tested in the UPSR exam), we will enjoy our freedom first!  Today she told me a list of things that she wants to do. She has a couple of school trips to attend and her bunch of besties will be having another get together at our place again. Next, she wants to buy a new pair of sneakers. It’s been almost a year since I last bought her shoes.

I don’t like buying expensive shoes for my kids as they outgrow them really fast.  Sneakers that  are of Alycia’s taste are pretty expensive here. Thus, this time, I will buy them online from malls like Taobao. The only problem would be  I have never shopped directly from China retailers and I am a pure yellow banana who does not know Chinese. My friend who does online shopping from Taobao regularly referred me to a taobao agent who will help us to do the ordering.

Check out this funky sneakers.  It’s a steal at RM12.08 only and available at Taobao.




I’ll need a few days to browse the Taobao website as there are tens of thousands of products listed there. I may want to get some household stuff too. I hope my first experience shopping at this Alibaba owned website will be pleasant without any fuss.

Have you shopped at Taobao before? Would love to read your comments on your experience shopping at Taobao 🙂


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What A Night!

Ever since we moved in to our condo 7 years ago, there was hardly a power outage.  Well, maybe twice or thrice in 7 years.  Last night was just one of those unlucky nights. We were all in the midst of doing our things when bang, the house went into darkness.

My poor Alycia who was studying for her exam (final trial UPSR) had to take an hour break and mind you, for someone who only does her revision at the eleventh hour, an hour of break is a long time!  Thankfully the power supply resumed and she had to study way until midnight.

We searched the house for candles but could not find them. We called hubs on the phone and he said that he had thrown all the candles  away as he thinks that keeping candles in the house is a hazard with mischievous girls of his around! For once I agree with him. With only the small emergency light from the ceiling fan and 2 torch lights (one big and one small), we had to take turns using the torch lights.

I told Alycia to quickly do her revision under the ceiling fan with an emergency light as the light will only lit for half an hour. Yup for only half an hour after which the house will be in total darkness.  Miss Cool As Cucumber nonchalantly sat at the dining table under the emergency light to do her Math workbook armed with a small torch light. Thankfully I bought her a small torch light last month when she went for an overnight stay at a resort with her school prefect team.

Our part-time helper used the big torch light to continue with her chores while I called the condo manager on his mobile phone to tell him to get his technicians over to fix the outage problem.

Thankfully with emergency lights at the corridor and pool area, we could get a wee bit light at the kitchen for our helper to continue with her chores.

On hindsight, we should keep more torch lights in the house.   Since Alycia will be sitting for her UPSR exam next month, we should also buy a new rechargeable fluorescent emergency light.  Even if a power outage happens again on her exam night, well, we will be more prepared. But ‘choi, knock on wood!!  Hopefully all will go smoothly during her UPSR exam week with no exam leak this year!


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Project Sunday – 2 August 2015

Lately, the girl’s school teachers have been giving out quite a number of mini projects to the class (Primary 6).  The kids in  her class use each project as a good opportunity to have mini gatherings.  The project yesterday was held at our place again — the second in 2 weeks! They enjoyed themselves at our place so much the first time round about 2 weeks ago that they have chosen our place again for their second project.

The kids spent most of their time goofing around more than they spent on the project. This time, I did not help them as they told me that they could manage it themselves.

After the project, I brought the kids down to play badminton and ping pong. I told them that there will be strictly NO swimming as I cannot possibly oversee 6 kids alone.


But some of the kids were really cheeky. They begged me to let them dip their legs in the baby pool. I should not have acceded to their requests coz the moment they were inside the baby pool, they turned wild and pushed each other into the water and before I knew it, everyone was drenched!  OMG, these are no ordinary demure sweet young girls. They look demure but are the exact opposite!

And they sure have topnotch power of persuasion! After they got wet in the baby pool, they pleaded with me...”aunty, since we are already wet, can we swim for just a SHORT while in the big pool? Pleassssee aunty!!”

Not wanting to dampen their spirits, I told them that only two kids are allowed to swim at a time and I limited them to swim only 2 laps. So they had to take turns to swim by twos.  After swimming, they asked me to help them snap a group picture…

I ordered pizza and chicken wings for dinner by the pool…

The girls will be sitting for their final trial UPSR exam in 2 weeks.  In exactly a month’s time, they will be sitting for their UPSR exam, yet they are having the time of their lives. I told them that this will be their last gathering before their exam and that they could have another party / gathering at our place after the exam. The bunch of kids enjoyed themselves very much. They left at 8:30pm. Cass told me yesterday that it was one of her best days this year as she had so much fun playing with her che che’s friends.



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Conversation On Bang Bang Over Dinner

At the dining table over dinner today, the song “Bang Bang” by Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj was played on the radio. The girls sang along as they ate dinner.

Alycia – mummy, do you know what “bang bang” means actually?

Me (acting dumb) – yeah… bang bang with a gun like this *and pointing my hand like a gun towards Alycia*

Alycia – NO-O, it’s not that kind of bang bang! You know… thaaat bang bang?

Me – what kind of bang bang? *Question – should I stop acting dumb and explain the birds and bees to her?*

Ok, I should!!

Me – OH… you mean thaaat bang bang? Of course I know what it is!

Alycia – so err, you and daddy bang bang?

Me – OF COURSE! How do you think you, Sherilyn and Cass came into this world? Dropped from heaven just like that?

Alycia – you and daddy bang bang? OMG, that’s so dissssgussssting!!

Me – no, that’s not disgusting!

Alycia – luckily I did not bump into you and daddy banging on those nights that I woke up to pee.. HEE HEE!

Me – you think we would be so dumb to bang bang with the door opened? And when our door is closed, don’t you bang on the door to see if we are banging ok… coz we will not open the door for you!

Alycia, Sherilyn and Cass – HA HA HA!!

(Alycia has a habit of knocking on our door just as hubs and I have turned off the bedroom light to sleep. She then walks into the room in the pretext of taking the hand lotion and peers at me who is on the bed, suspiciously and in the hope of seeing ‘something’, LOL! Oh well, she’s at this stage where she’s just curious about the birds and bees)

Alycia – err, by the way, I finally found out what a CONDOM is! You know, at first I thought a condom was some kind of birds. But I recently read about condoms being banned in some schools in the US. SO… daddy wears a condom when he bang bang eh?

Me – OH yes! We baaaaaang all the way with it so that you won’t get another naughty younger sister or brother to bother you!!

And then the girls broke into a loud guffaw! 😀

I love having dinners at home together. It’s the time when the girls and I talk and laugh about everything and anything. It’s also the time when Alycia (she can be quite a hard nut to crack) is in a jovial mood and I take this opportunity to give her pep talks, advice and knock sense into her head.

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Looking At Life Through Rose-Tinted Glasses

While in Ipoh last weekend, the girls and I, along with my dad had a long walk around the neighborhood in the evening. We stopped outside a few houses to play with and pat other people’s dogs 😀 This is something that we don’t always do in KL. The girls’ schedules are pretty much filled to the brim with tuition and extra curricular activities, with very little time left for outdoor and leisure activities.

Alycia who was in a jovial mood, was hopping and traipsing on the road when all of a sudden, she tripped on her running shoes (which are my mum’s actually) and then rolled on the road a couple of times. I screamed and thought that she’d have some nasty injuries. But this young lady quickly picked herself up, dusted her hands and elbows and gave me a sheepish grin. What a scare she gave me! Fortunately, there was no oncoming car coming towards her!! She had some grazes and cuts on her hands, elbows and back of her waist.

Moments later, as we were still taking our long stroll, my 11 1/2-year old said this cheerily to me “well mummy, I can tick ‘rolling on the road’ off my bucket list now, HE HE HE!” And I have to love Alycia’s perspective in life. If only I can see the negative side of things as positively as how Alycia seeds them through rose-tinted glasses, there wouldn’t be any stress in my life. But can I? *shrug shoulders*

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Cool As Cucumber

It’s already 9:30pm and the big girl started to work on her school Kemahiran Hidup (Living Skills) project.  She whipped out a screwdriver from daddy’s tool box and began to assemble the project item – which is a wooden tool box. Then, she painted the tool box.

I wanted to strangle her for doing her homework at the eleventh hour!  This girl gets excited only at the eleventh hour, even during exams. Why doesn’t she have my genes?!! My good planning genes?  She’s just like her daddy – cool as cucumber and drives me bonkers with the nonchalance.

But I have to give her an iota of credit — for being pretty hands-on in completing this project in under an hour.  I would have fumbled with this thingy as Kemahiran Hidup was not yet introduced during my time. Thankfully I married a man who is pretty hands on with tools, which Cass calls Daddy The Handy Manny!


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