Our Boxing Day, A Day Of Fun And Eating

On Boxing Day, we spent the whole afternoon at Mega Kidz @ Mid Valley Megamall to attend my friend’s daughter’s 6th birthday party. After the party, we had lunch at Canton I @ Gardens. We were so full that we only had dinner at about 9:30pm at Wendy’s.

It was a day of bliss and fun for the girls. At about 8pm, daddy brought them down to the pool to swim and to play with water guns.

Alycia & Sherilyn shooting daddy with their water guns, with daddy shielding himself with 2 floats…

After swimming, we had supper  dinner at Wendy’s.   There were nuggets, baked cheesy potato, Chillies, ice cream float, soft drinks, fries and burgers.  Gosh it was a super artery clogging and high carb meal.  While daddy had a feast with the girls, I was busy snapping pix and only ate 1 spoonful of Chillies, 1 spoonful of ice cream and a bite each of everything.  I can be very determined and can resist the strongest of temptations when it comes to eating after 9pm.

Beef burger and fish burger… very yummy but bear with the consequences if you chomp down the whole burger for supper ya…

The next day, the girls finally cut the Xmas log cake. Daddy had bought it for the Xmas party on 25 Dec but there were too much food so we held back the cake…

We under estimated the cake. We thought it was another run of the mill chocolate sponge cake but we were wrong.  The cake was soft, fluffy, moist and very chocolaty and not overly sweet.  Daddy bought it from our favorite bakery, RT Pastry House.

Baby giving her thumbs up to the chocolate log cake. She chomped down a few slices of cake.. This girl can really eat like a pig when it comes to cakes and snacks.

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Our Xmas Eve Today

We had Wagyu beef steak for dinner just now. Hubby bought a pack of wagyu beef from Pok Brothers Frozen Meat @ Glenmarie Subang today. Pok Brothers specializes in frozen meal, sold at wholesale. Their warehouse is located at Glenmarie. The pack of wagyu beef that hubs bought cost only RM500. Some of you will say “what? ONLY RM500???” But if you had eaten wagyu beef at restaurants and hotels, you will know that a small slice of wagyu steak costs RM100 and above, depending on the category of quality.

What makes wagyu beef so expensive is that the meat is extremely tender, juicy and flavorful. You don’t need any tenderizer or much sauces to pan fry the steak. It is naturally juicy, tender and tasty.  Here’s the wagyu steak that hubs dished out for dinner today:

We also had spaghetti chicken bolognaise and mashed potato…

Stir fried cauliflower, fresh mushrooms, celery with sliced wagyu beef…

The girls enjoying every bite of the wagyu beef….


We spent the whole afternoon at Mid Valley Megamall today. While hubs brought Alycia and Sherilyn to watch Rapunzel at the cinema, I went shopping for Xmas gifts with Baby and my helper.

Here are some of the pix taken:

The toy story inspired Xmas decor at Mid Valley Megamall…

Baby waiting to receive her little gift from a Santa Clause…

And yesterday, we spent the whole afternoon at Pavillion:

Tomorrow will be another day of eating, with lots of meat dishes in the menu. Boy, I must wake up earlier tomorrow to work out in the gym. Today I had to skip gym coz the moment I wanted to leave the house for the gym, Baby woke up, followed by #2 and #1, bummer!

Here’s wishing all my blogging pals and blog readers a very merry Xmas and a wonderful 2011!

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We Are Back In KL

We returned to KL yesterday. My dad drove us all home. After being away for more than a week, my work has piled mountain high and I really don’t know where to start! The feeling is all too familiar.  Years ago when I was still employed, I used to dread going back to work after a long break.  I hated stepping into my room to find a pile of files and papers on my tray.

So this post is going to be a short one since I have lots to do!

We had an early X’mas celebration on Friday last week. After dinner at Moven Peak Ipoh, we went home and had a X’mas gift opening session with X’mas songs played in the background 🙂

My mum gave the girls each a blanket… Baby got a pink My Melody, Sherilyn got a green Sponge Bob and Alycia a blue Sponge Bob. And I got a bedsheet from my mum.

Work aside, my next mission is to shed the 1.5kg I gained during this week-long eating holiday. Gosh, I have been eating and had skipped exercise many days. I got a shock when I saw the red needle pointing at 45.5 this morning, sei sei sei!!  Must control my snacking for the next couple of weeks until the needle points back to 44 hah!

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Our X’mas Tree

Every year come November for the past 4 years, when it’s time to assemble our X’mas tree and decorate it, I will be reminded of the day that hubby bought the X’mas tree in December 2006. He was unloading the X’mas tree from the car boot into the house and his new MPV was parked outside our house. When he went outside moments later to check on the car, it was gone. Gone in a flash in broad daylight!  The car was locked but it was professionally stolen in just minutes right in front of our house!

3 days ago, hubby brought the X’mas tree back from his office store and the girls had fun decorating it, while singing X’mas songs that they learned from Barney.

The girls having fun decorating the tree with ornaments.  But someone has been plucking the baubles from the X’mas tree and breaking the strings. A gingerbread man was also yanked into 3 pieces!

And the star for the peak of the X’mas tree is missing. We had bought two stars over the years but all were broken by someone. The girls have been badgering daddy to go to Mid Valley Megamall to shop for a new star for the X’mas tree.

This is Alycia in her new dress that I bought for her from a talented mummy who sews pretty dresses for girls.

All I want for X’mas is my 2 front teeth… how apt this song is for Alycia now.  And how I am longing for her 2 front teeth to grown so that she will look pretty again.

Alycia’s pretty Cherry Cluster dress from Niv Niv Handmade . The dress came with a matching headband and Pei Yi was kind enough to sew 2 more pairs of pretty hair clips for my 2 other girls.  The handwork and quality of the dress and hair clips were very well done.  The dress even came with a nice plastic label attached at the bottom of the dress… but my careless helper ironed on the plastic label and ruined the label!!  Boy was I enraged!

Do check out Niv Niv Handmade if you are looking for pretty custom-made dresses and hair accessories for your little girl.

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Koong Hei Fatt Choy & Welcome Year Of Tiiiiiiiigerrrrrr!

I’d like to wish all my Chinese blog readers “koong hei fatt tai choy” and may the year of the Tiiiiiigerrrrrrrr bring you endless joy, prosperity, good health and may everything that you embark on be smooth sailing without any stumbling blocks.  I am wishing myself and all my loved ones the same greetings too.

Reunion dinner at our home last night – a table placed with lots of meat – ‘siew yoke’ (roasted crispy pork), steamed pomfret fish, steamed ‘yim kai’ (castrated chicken which cost over a hundred ringgit each!), suckling pig, ‘pei par ngap’ (roasted crispy duck), braised turnip and stir-fried veggie (not in pic).  There was also a pot of lotus root (stuffed with mung beans) – pork ribs soup.  I now loathe at the sight of meat *buuuuuuurppppp!*

After dinner, we wanted to bring the gals to Thean Hou Temple to see lanterns and CNY decor.  I had read from the newspapers that the Temple spent around about RM150k on the CNY decor this year.  We made a U-turn when we saw a cars on a bumper-to-bumper crawl lining up the narrow road leading up to the temple situated uphill.  This is a common scene every CNY as many devotees as well as non-devotees visit the temple to enjoy the scenery and CNY decor.

The gals helping mah mah remove the plastic bags from the mandarin oranges. Baby thought they were balls (she recently went to Jungle Gym and played in a ball pit) and kept throwing them everywhere hahahahah!!

Today, my mil cooked a big pot of ‘chai’ (vegetarian dish) and cooked 2 rounds of stir-fried vegetarian vermicelli. The Yap family’s CNY tradition is that everyone eats vegetarian on the first day of CNY.

Where did you have your reunion dinner last night and what’s for lunch today?

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CNY Cookies

2 weeks ago, we bought our first jar of CNY cookie to ‘pong chan’ (help to patronize) the very nice girl who sells veggie at the pasar malam. It was a jar of almond cookies. Several days later, hubs bought several jars of cookies from his supplier (pumpkin seeds, mixed nuts and double chocolate). Boy, they tasted SO good and I’ve been gobbling them every morning for breakfast. I can’t eat them when my 2 older gals are around coz they would get distracted by the cookies and ditch their lunch or dinner. See, being a mother, you have so much to sacrifice. I even have to eat junk food that I love inside the kitchen or when they are not around, just so my 3 gals can’t see mummy eat junk food and get distracted LOL!!. Of course I will reward them with cookies when they have finished their proper meals.

Anyway, back to the CNY cookies. I bought some more cookies to ‘pong chan’ the lady who sells ‘chai’ (vegetarian) at the roadside yesterday morning.  So pitiful right, gotta toil and sweat under the hot sun or get wet in the rain to sell ‘chai’ and cookies.  It’s this box of almond flakes-pumpkin seeds-black sesame seeds crisps with syrup.  They taste really, really good and half a box is gone!  I’m planning to buy more cookies from her.

My hubs also ‘pong chan’ the sundry shop owner who kept advertising this bottle of deep fried crispy crabsticks. They taste good too but too salty, so I have hidden it so that my gals can’t steal them LOL!!

What’s left of the double choco cookies and almond cookies.  Another bottle of pumpkin seeds cookies was walloped a week ago. 

I am planning to buy some more cookies next week, this time from the woman who sells newspapers by the roadside.  Pity this lady who was cheated on by her ex-husband.  Every year, I would buy cookies from her to ‘pong chan’ her, though the cookies are expensive.

Have you bought your favorite CNY cookies yet?  Or you’ve already walloped them all?

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Happy Winter Solstice Everyone!

My mum bought some colored rice flour dough from the market yesterday morning. Last night, my 3 gals had their first experience rolling tong yuen. It was similar to playing with play dough and they had SO much fun. But the aftermath was REALLY messy – clumps of rice flour everywhere on the table, floor, their clothes, their body and hair. But what the heck, soon after rolling the balls, they all had their shower.  It’s their first ever experience and they only get to do it once a year.

My 3 brats trying their hands on rolling tong yuen balls. The red color from the red rice flour dough is from beet root juice and and green one from pandan juice.

Baby looked really serious and absorbed playing with the rice flour.  On a few occasions, she even climbed up the table to grab more dough.

My mum trying to stuff some homemade pandan kaya and homemade peanut butter into the balls but it was a failure. She has never done it before and the ball turned out really huge and a tad distorted.

The balls were all misshapened and came in all sizes.

Finally, she dropped the idea of stuffing the balls with kaya and peanut butter. Instead, she inserted a peanut into each tong yuen. This morning she rolled the tong yuen into a plate of toasted sesame seeds before boiling them.

This is our bowl of sesame seed coated, peanut butter, kaya and whole peanut filled tong yuen in soy bean milk with ginger.

Happy ‘kor toong’ everyone!  Happy birthday to you too big bro Ray!  See you and Marene on X’mas Eve and have a safe drive back from Singapore.

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Everyone’s Got Pressies

Here are some of the pressies that Alycia and Sherilyn received :

Sherilyn my little vain pot received a Barbie vanity set from daddy consisting of a Barbie handphone with ring tones, bluetooth, lipstick, handphone pouch, handbag and a pair of kaik kok noisy clogs with fur lol!

Mah mah got Alycia a very colorful 3-piece bowl and mug set with pictures of dogs from Hong Kong, for her 5th birthday.

…and my loh koong jai got me a nice crystal bracelet!  

Someone asked me if Baby C received any Christmas gifts.  Yes, of course she did but I haven’t posted pix of them.  Will do so in my next post.

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Our X’mas Eve

We had a simple dinner at home on X’mas Eve yesterday. After dinner, Alycia and Sherilyn watched TV with daddy and ate potato chips. At the stroke of midnight, the gals’ long awaited moment arrived. They charged the pressies under the X’mas tree right away…. when they saw those lovely gifts and toys, the joy on their faces was priceless.

Alycia and Sheirlyn each received a pair of pink fairy wings and fairy wand from koo mah all the way from Hong Kong. Sherilyn my little vain pot wore the fairy wings to church, complete with a new pair of pink Barbie clogs, Barbie handbag filled with lipstick, handphone and bluetooth. She looked really ridiculous yet angelic in the fairy wings.  I think she really looked like a fairy godmother with a magic wand and a handbag filled with magical items lol!  I shall post pix of Sherilyn in her fairy wings in my next post.

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Last Minute X’mas Shopping

We did our last minute X’mas shopping on Monday evening at Mid Valley Megamall. We left the house at around 6pm and only left Mid Valley at a little over 11pm. We had dinner at Canton I @ Gardens and the food was pretty good.  This restaurant was packed with patrons.  After shopping for the gifts, we waited for almost an hour at the Jaya Jusco gift wrapping counter as there was a long queue and there were only 2 assistants to service the shoppers. By the time we reached home, it was 11:30pm. After washing my 3 gals up, gave them milk, it was already way past midnight.

We realized that we left out a few people last night and hubby has now gone to Mid Valley again for an eleventh hour shopping rush. We will be having some lamb chops and pan-fried salmon fillet for dinner tonight. There will be a X’mas party at hubby’s aunt’s house tomorrow and there’s going to be lots of food and pressies for everyone.

I wish all my readers a very merry X’mas and don’t go on an eating binge this holiday k? Remember to exercise!

The open kitchen at Canton I.

Alycia and Sherilyn enjoying their food at Canton I.

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Everyone Loves The X’mas Tree

2 weeks ago, hubby dug out our X’mas tree and spent hours decorating the tree up to the wee hours of the morning. He knows his 3 princesses  love the X’mas tree and he would do anything to make them happy. There is a story behind this X’mas tree…. a tree that cost him over a hundred thousand ringgit. It was partly because of this X’mas tree that his new MPV was stolen, right in front of our old house in broad daylight, 2 years ago.  His MPV was never found.  That’s how efficient our police are here!

Baby C loves the shining colorful baubles on the X’mas tree. Yesterday, she gave my mil and I a shock. I had put her in the crib that was placed next to the X’mas tree. I then hurriedly went to the kitchen to get a piece of cloth to wipe her crib. When my mil passed by the crib, she saw Baby C chewing on a red bauble. Oh gawd, I was horrified because the baubles were never cleaned before and she could have ingested the paint. I just hope she wouldn’t get another UTI coz anything that’s dirty has bacteria right? I am just paranoid of her chewing on anything that’s dirty coz that’s one way of the bacteria getting into her body.

Anyway, Sherilyn my ever mischevious brat broke yet another bauble yesterday. She would break a few baubles on the X’mas tree every year. Last year, she broke several baubles and also the star on top of the tree. Daddy had to buy a new star for the tree.

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Our Hari Raya Holiday

We treated our maid to a buffet lunch at the coffee house @ PJ Hilton today.  Many families were seen treating their maids to the buffet lunch too, in celebration of Hari Raya.

Kids being kids, Alycia and Sherilyn attacked the crackers, keropok, sausages and ice-cream.

I filled up a bottle of water for Baby C but she hated the bottle and gave me the ‘I almost want to puke’ look when I let her suckle on the teat. She also didn’t want to sit in her pram and kept whining and fussing till we brought her out and carried her round the coffee house.

After lunch, mah mah discreetly  brought Alycia to the car park with koo por (hubby’s aunt) as they wanted to go  shopping at Giant. Hubby and I tried to distract Sher and brought her to our car.  Alycia had wanted to follow mah mah and koo por shopping but mah mah can only handle 1 kid, so she told Alycia not to let Sher know.  It’s always not easy to handle Sher as she can be very wayward and would run wild in the shopping mall, touching everything that she sees. Even I can’t control her.  In the car, Sher kept asking “mummy, where is cheh cheh?  I love my cheh cheh. She’s my good friend.  Why is she in koo poh’s car?  Where are they going?”  Hubby and I told some white lies coz if Sher found out that they had gone shopping without her, all hell would break lose until they return home!

How did you spend your Hari Raya holiday?

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Happy Mooncake Festival…. I’ll Ditch The Mooncakes And Eat Water Caltropes Instead!

Just want to wish all my readers a very happy Mooncake or Mid-Autumn festival.

It’s another ordinary Sunday for us today. We skipped church today as Sher is still having a very bad cough and runny nose. Luckily Aly’s fever has subsided and I do not have to bring her to the paed’s clinic. I was worried sick when Baby C’s nose was slightly blocked this morning but thank God, she’s ok now. Almost everyone in the house is down with runny nose and a bad throat, except for my mil and me. I really hope Baby C won’t get bitten by the bugs. I’ve been stuffing myself with lots of fruits and veggies to up my immune system and hopefully, I won’t get bitten by the nasty cold bugs too.

Though it’s Mooncake Festival today, I’ve vowed to refrain myself from gorging on mooncakes as I’ve gained 1kg over the past 1 month from eating mooncakes 🙁   I just can’t resist the Shanghai mooncakes that hubs’ aunty made and the mooncakes that my sil bought from Peninsular Hotel, Hong Kong.

Perhaps, I’ll try leng kok or water caltrope tonight. My mil bought some leng koks from the market last week and we’ll be boiling them for Aly and Sher to try tonight.

Do these leng koks bring back some of your sweet childhood memories?

A close-up pic of water caltropes. Don’t you think that the water caltropes resemble black buffalo horns?

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Our Dinner On The First Day Of CNY

On Chor Yat (1st day of CNY), we had buffet dinner at Lemon Grass Coffee House @ Shangri-La Hotel.  During major festivals, Shang card members are not entitled to the 50% discount for 2 diners.  Instead, they are only granted a 10% discount.  Despite getting only a 10% discount, the dinner was still very much cheaper than the dinner we had at Toh Yuen Chinese Restaurant @ PJ Hilton the night before.

I should not have opted for the buffet as I had eaten very little.  These days, I just don’t seem to feel hungry. My ballooning uterus must have cramped up my intestines and other organs.  It was worst during CNY when there were so many occasions of eating out.  The food at the buffet spread was really good but I just did not feel like eating  anything but still forced some grub into my tummy.  The big fresh prawns, salmon, lobsters and sashimi at the raw food counter were really good but too bad I couldn’t eat any of those.  I’m counting down to the days I can finally touch those stuff…. 2 more months to go + 1 month confinement!

What really whetted my appetite was the ice-cream corner.  I had banana yoghurt and kiwi yoghurt ice-cream (which were not sweet at all, perfect for my taste bud) whilst hubby had a bowl of delicious teppanyaki ice-cream.  The choice of condiments and toppings for the teppenyaki ice-cream was not as wide as at the Coffee House @ Westin Hotel, but it was still good enough.

First, pick your choice of ice-cream flavor.

Then, the teppanyaki ice-cream chef will mash up the ice-cream with the choice of toppings and condiments ranging from cookies to M&Ms, nuts, dried fruits, fresh strawberries and much more.

 The mashed ice-cream is then put into a bowl.  You can top up the ice-cream further with some chocolate, strawberry or mango sauce and more toppings.

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Boring CNY

This year’s Chinese New Year is one of the most boring ones for me.  Normally we would all be back in Ipoh to celebrate CNY but since I can’t travel, we have to stay put in KL. Back in Ipoh, there would be a lot of visiting done and meeting up with my old classmates.  I thought I could catch up on my sleep but nope, I have lesser of it in fact.  On CNY’s eve, I did not manage to sleep until about 3-4am as there were sounds of blasting fire crackers throughout the night and I am a very light sleeper.  This morning, Alycia woke me up at 5am as she had wet her pants – overloaded diaper.  I then washed her up and changed her.  Alycia who is 4 years old is still wearing diapers to sleep at night.  Yup, I admit I have been procrastinating to toilet train her at night as I am just plain lazy and tired.  One of my New Year’s resolution is to train Alycia to go diaperless at night this year. 

Since I could not get back to sleep, I went downstairs to do some work on my computer.  I also wanted to spot check my new maid and see why she’s so slow in her work.  I went back to sleep at 6:45am and woke up at 8:30am.  It’s been almost a year since I last woke up this late! 

Lunch was simple.  The girls’ former sitter had given us some ‘loh hon cai’ (vegetarian dish) yesterday and we had not eaten it yet as we ate out the whole of yesterday.  Today, I just reheated the vegetarian dish and also cooked macaroni & cheese with chopped french beans for the girls.  Tonight, I will be steaming half a chicken, cook ‘lap mei’ rice (rice with Chinese pork sausages and liver sausages), reheat some pork ribs that the girls’ sitter cooked earlier this week and cook brocolli with ‘tau kan’ (vegetarian dish) and Pacific clams.   I have also boiled a pot of nice soup (old cucumber with duck’s kidney, pork ribs, soya bean and red dates – supposed to ‘har for’ or eliminate heatiness from the body).

We may bring the girls to MegaKidz @ Mid Valley tomorrow.  These days, I just don’t feel like going out too much as I get tired very easily.  This year’s CNY is indeed very quiet and ‘unhappening’ for us. 

How was your CNY?  I bet everyone is having a swell time with your family and friends.

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Loh Sung

‘Loh Sung’ or ‘Yee Sung’ – a must-have dish during Chinese New Year.  We had this measly plate of loh sung with ‘hoi jit’ (jelly fish) at Toh Yuen Chinese Restaurant @ PJ Hilton last night and it was freaking expensive. 

Though expensive, we still ordered the smallest plate as it is considered something very ‘lai si’ or good luck / fortunate to have during CNY.  Before this dish is eaten,  it has been a practise that everyone on the dining table tosses all the ingredients in this dish together with chopsticks and say all the good things simultaneously, like good health, long life, good bonus, prosperous business, etc. etc.  The higher you toss the ingredients, the better! 

The ingredients of this dish consist of pomelo (a type of local fruit similar to the grapefruit),  deep fried noodles (and colored with red and green food coloring), crushed peanuts, lime juice, thick sour plum sauce, sesame seed oil, crackers, jelly fish, raw fish (salmon or ‘sang yee’), parsley, sliced ginger, sliced carrots, sesame seed, and much more. 

Do you like loh sung / yee sung?  I like it with jelly fish and lots of pomelo. 

Check out the price of this ‘loh sung’ and other delicious dishes that we ate here.

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