Bits & Bops @ Kong Heng Square, Ipoh Old Town

Upon arrival in Ipoh via ETS from KL yesterday, dad and mum brought us to the famed decades-old Kong Heng coffee shop for some famous Ipoh hawkers’ food.  The famous coffee shop was as usually packed to the brim.

After a 15-minute wait, we were lucky enough to get a pathetically small-sized table, which obviously did not fit the 7 of us comfortably. What more with the amount of food that the foodie hubs ordered, gosh, it was really squeezy and uncomfortable having our lunch there. To top it all up, Alycia knocked down a full glass of barley drink which spilled on the Princess Wannabe who complained and whined non-stop throughout lunch, saying that she felt like a piece of sticky chocolate *rolls eyes* !  Thus there is no picture of the food that we ordered from Kong Heng.

After lunch at Kong Heng, we walked a few steps away to Kong Heng Square.  From a  row of once old and dilapidated pre-war buildings, Kong Heng Square has transformed into a modern food square with a retro touch.

Bits & Bobs @ Ipoh Old Town is located in between Burps & Giggles, Missing Marbles and Plan B; focusing on the tid bits, snacks and simple toys back in the early 60s to 80s.

When I saw ice balls, I was excited!  Ice-balls used to be one of my favorite indulgences when I was in primary school in the early 80s.  At only 10sen each back then, we could pick our choice of sarsi syrup or red syrup drizzled all over the ice balls from our school canteen.

And guess how much this ice ball costs now?  A freaking Rm3 each!!  And my kids did not quite enjoy it reason being it melted too soon on the scorching day, resulting in the sarsi syrup dripping all over their clothes, arms, legs and shoes!  Super duper sticky and messy!!

 photo BitsampBops2_zpsfdd4dc0d.jpg


 photo BitsampBops1_zpsf5a31127.jpg

 photo BitsampBops6_zpscc368904.jpg



This bottle of white rabbit candies sure brought back lots of sweet memories of my childhood.
 photo BitsampBops5_zps53e91acf.jpg




And this Magic Pops too!  I remember popping this crackling sweets into my mouth, waiting to be excited and tickled with sounds of POPS on my throat and tongue, really syiok!

 photo BitsampBops4_zps698d5d17.jpg



And this bear bear bubble gum and bubbles too!  They were all my favorite junk food and toy when I was a little girl 🙂
 photo BitsampBops3_zps25c84c6c.jpg






Missing Marbles extends the Burps and Giggles outlet at Kong Heng Square. I told my mum that we have to try out Missing Marbles during our week-long stay in Ipoh to sample their local favorites. And also to see if we could find any missing marbles!  Cass is crazy over marbles these days.


The ‘see harng’ aka loos at Kong Heng Square.  Looks creepy, dilapidated and dirty?  Well, I was taken by surprise when I stepped inside, to find the toilet refurbished and designed ala Ipoh in the 60s – 80s.


There is also an Indian barber…




And we continued our ‘jalan-jalan cari makan di Ipoh’ after we left Kong Heng Square  yesterday afternoon 🙂


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