Cass’ Reading Progress

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Today while I was helping Cass to shower, she suddenly remembered something that transpired in kindy in the morning during English lesson.

Cass – mummy, do you know teacher A gave me a STAR and a “VERY GOOD” in my reading today!?

Me – really? *with face all perked up though I was almost going to doze off in the bathroom* LOL!

Cass – I can read the whole of Chapter 1.  Are you glad? *and gives me a cheeky and smug smile*

Me – yes of course! I am very glad! *I could not help but grin proudly*

Cass – last year I could not read, now I can read all the words.  Are you glad to hear this?

Me – yes of course. You see, practice makes perfect, so you have to read more ok?

Cass – Adam could not read, but I can read  the whole of Chapter 1 and 2.  Ethan can read very well too.

Me – you can beat Ethan  you know?  You just have to practise reading more. (Ethan is the top student in Cass’ class)

Cass – yes I know.

And then she went on and on telling me how well she could read these days.  And that was my moment of glory hehe…


Cass reads1




Cass reads2


Cassandra at 5 years 9 months

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Our Saturday – 26 October 2013

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My parents have just returned to Ipoh. I am sure going to miss them a lot after having them with us for almost 2 weeks.

Alycia and Sherilyn’s final exam ended yesterday but Alycia would have to sit for the Science and Math test papers in English on Monday. Cass’ final exam is also starting on Monday. Yep, the pre-school that Alycia and Sherilyn attended and now Cass is attending, has twice-yearly exams for 5-year olds and 6-year olds.

Monkey see monkey do. I am mega proud of Cass. She is doing revision on her own by writing out almost everything from her school books onto her own exercise book. I will then ask her to read to me what she has written. Her reading skill is improving by the day.
Cass revises

After a short revision with Cass, I did some exercises with her on the trampoline, as well as some pelvic floor exercises and gripping exercises to strengthen her sphincters in the hope of countering her bladder issues. I have to do this with her twice a day and I hope that I can steal more time to do more sets with her.

Alycia is in school the whole of today for a camp and Sherilyn is now at the ballet school, after which she will have a birthday party to attend.   In about 5 minutes, I will resume my driver duties again.

Have a great weekend friends! :)

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Cassandra’s First Written Journal

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Monkey see monkey do.  Alycia and Sherilyn are required to write a daily journal. This is part of my efforts to help them to improve their writing skill, both in BM and English.  Every evening at around 7ish pm, reminders of “Have you written your daily journal?” resonates in the house, without fail.  Alycia has to write her journal in BM and Sherilyn has to do hers in English.

Yesterday evening whilst I was busy washing up in the kitchen, Cass came running back and forth to me, asking me the spelling of some words.  I did not ask her why she needed to ask me as she is very fond of writing cards for her grandparents and classmates.

After I’d finished my chores in the kitchen, I saw this written journal by Cass.  She said “this is my daily journal”! After I praised her sky high, she told me that she also wanted to write a daily journal, just like her 2 sisters. Well, I shall see how disciplined she is…

Check out the exclamation mark and heart sign after the word ‘mum’. I broke out laughing seeing it. It shows that this rascal knows the usage of punctuation marks. She has definitely been listening whenever I teach her 2 sisters!

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Science Subject For 5 Year Old Pre-schoolers

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Cass came home from kindy last week telling me that her teacher had instructed the kids from her 5YO class to practise playing around with Microsoft Paint on the computer!  This is what pre-schoolers are taught in this high technology day and age.  Now, what did we learn in kindy as 5 year olds back then? I only remember  vaguely that I played with play dough (and fought with one Tracy who was a Caucasian girl with a play knife over some play doughs LOL!), sang nursery rhymes and bible songs and recited A to Z and 1 to 100, that’s it LOL!

So after lunch, this rascal took out the laptop from the laptop bag and hooked up everything herself and with very little guidance from me, she was having fun drawing and coloring shapes in Microsoft Paint.

Check out the contents of her kindy’s Science text book…

I doubt she knew how to read all the words and understood the meaning of everything but she definitely is very adept with using the laptop and iPad since she was a little over 3 years old :)

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Exam Season Yet Again

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It’s the most dreaded time of the year again. This time, I have 3 times the amount of stress as Cass is in her 2nd last year of kindy and has to sit for the twice-yearly exam as well.  Today, I spent my morning doing revision with Cass.  It is a kindy holiday for Cass as Saturday was their sports day, thus they get today off.

Fortunately, it ain’t that stressful revising with her. I remember those hair-pulling moments spent with Aly and Sherilyn each time I did revision with them in Math.  Cass is pretty good with her Math and numbers.  After this stressful week, I can’t wait for the school holidays to start so that I can get away from this exam pressure and enjoy our 2-week holiday, yipeeeee!!

Testing Cass on smallest number, biggest number, ascending, descending, money, time, etc.! Thank God, she has no problems mastering them.  These days, a 5-year old kid has to know all these and even more! (Views counter installed wef 20 Nov 2013. No. of times viewed = 245)

Cassandra’s First Swimming Lesson

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At 4 years 9 months, my baby girl finally attended her first swimming lesson. She did pretty well, was very excited and was totally not afraid of the water. She’s a born water baby :)

The very first practice that the swimming instructor taught her was to submerge her head in the water in the baby pool, which she did pretty well.

Next, she was brought to the adults’ pool and taught to float and submerge her head in her water. She can’t wait to attend her next swimming lesson!

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Loving Math

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My baby girl loves Math more than reading. She never fails to bug me for Math sums whenever she is bored waiting for something, like when we are waiting for our food to arrive or when we are in a car ride. At 4.8 years old, she can solve 2-number additions up to 20+.

5 + 12… 12 is bigger so put that in my head and take out 5 fingers. After 12 is 13, 14, 15, 16, 17. Answer is 17! That’s how I’ve taught her to do addition.
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Cassandra’s 1st Art Piece From Art Class

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Cass attended her very first art class last Friday.  Her excitement in attending her very first art class was shown all over her, which she took no effort to contain.  The day before her art class, she kept asking me if I was really, really sending her for art class.  And I took advantage of this to bribe her to get things done, without fuss!  On the day of the art class, as we were walking to the art teacher’s unit, Cass gave me a really HUGE  ‘I can’t wait’ grin.

1.5 hours later, this is what she produced:

Not bad eh?  The art teacher was taken by surprise that a 4.5yo girl could produce this piece, which she said many of her 4-5YO students could not.   She did this with very minimal supervision from the art teacher.  My baby girl must have been observing how her 2 che ches paint and draw at home. Plus she must have regurgitated all that she had videotaped in her head whenever we bring her to art exhibitions.

Good job Cass! Mummy’s really proud of your art work.

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Cassandra’s First Day Of Kindy!

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My baby girl finally went to kindy today! She is exactly a week away from her 4th birthday. She has missed 1 year of kindy meant for 3 year olds last year but I hope that this isn’t a big problem for her to catch up with her peers. The syllabus used in this pre-school is pretty tough.  6 year olds are taught the syllabus of Primary 2 and thankfully Alycia and Sherilyn sailed through this pre-school without much fuss.  She was still soundly asleep at 7:30am today and had a hard time waking up. It was a rainy morning and the weather was cooling, so it was a perfect weather to sleep in. I had to carry her up from bed and cuddle her like a baby, talking to her in a very, very gentle and loving tone, so as not to add fuel to her early morning crankiness. She did dilly dally mildly and we were about 15 minutes late when we reached the school. When we were doing the registration, we saw the principal testing a 4YO girl (Cassandra’s to-be classmate) on some flashcards. I was stunned to see the words on the flashcards, which consist of the words electricity, technician and some pretty tough BM and Mandarin words! I cannot imagine my baby girl being able to read all these very soon. Well, Alycia and Sherilyn had gone through this stage not too long ago but Cassandra is still very much a baby in my eyes *sniff*

After paying the school fees, we brought Cassandra up to the class, which was already on-going. There was a slight degree of separation anxiety in her. In the classroom, she kept saying “mummy, my sweater is very smelly” repeatedly and kept tugging my leg, away from the classroom, LOL!! When her class teacher was in the midst of distracting her, hubs and I quickly sneaked away. About 2 hours later, I went back to her school to check how she’s doing. When I opened the classroom door, she was seated comfortably at the front row and the English lesson was on-going. She wasn’t even excited to see me and after I had brought her to pee, she hurried back into the classroom eagerly and did not show any sign of missing me!! I guess I am more excited and anxious than she is today. I promised her that I will buy her a birthday cake so that she could cut it and share it with her friends on her birthday next Monday.

My baby girl is growing up really, really fast.  I did miss her a lot when she was away in school but nope, I didn’t get teary eyed. I guess what I had gone through with her during her babyhood had made my heart tough like a solid rock.

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Tons of Patience

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Of my 3 girls, I think Cassandra has the most patience or should I say, she has the longest attention span in whatever she does. She also has nimble fingers and likes fixing things like jig saw puzzles, building stuff with Lego blocks and today I found out that she is also a handy-girl! Just now a knob dislodged from its position on one of the drawers of our 5-drawer cupboard. With her bare hands, she screwed the knob back. Then excitement kicked in when she discovered that she can fix a knob back onto the drawer… and she deliberately yanked off the other 3 knobs off the drawers! With her bare hands, she managed to screw back all the knobs back into their positions TIGHTLY on the respective drawer in under half an hour, after which she was sweaty all over, just like any handy-man would and she gave me a very satisfied grin, as if telling me how clever she was! Indeed she is. I for one is not the type of person who would have the patience to do such a tedious job and would tai chi this sort of job to my hubs, who is a very adept handy-man. Good job my baby girl and mummy hopes that you can build BIG things in future and make mummy proud of you hehe.

Here’s wishing all my friends and blog readers a very happy new year. May this year be a better and happier year for all!

Here are some snap shots of our New Year’s Eve dinner at home with some close friends and relatives yesterday..

Delish food which the hubs and his chef whipped up…. oh yea if you need catering service, you can call my hubs Alan at 019-266 4297. He has been in the catering biz for over 10 years.

Perfect view of KLCC and KL Tower with the fireworks in the middle…

Kids scrambling to get a nice spot to watch the fireworks display at the KLCC, Dataran Merdeka and other areas around KL at the stroke of 12 midnight

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