Cassandra’s First Day Of Kindy!

My baby girl finally went to kindy today! She is exactly a week away from her 4th birthday. She has missed 1 year of kindy meant for 3 year olds last year but I hope that this isn’t a big problem for her to catch up with her peers. The syllabus used in this pre-school is pretty tough.  6 year olds are taught the syllabus of Primary 2 and thankfully Alycia and Sherilyn sailed through this pre-school without much fuss.  She was still soundly asleep at 7:30am today and had a hard time waking up. It was a rainy morning and the weather was cooling, so it was a perfect weather to sleep in. I had to carry her up from bed and cuddle her like a baby, talking to her in a very, very gentle and loving tone, so as not to add fuel to her early morning crankiness. She did dilly dally mildly and we were about 15 minutes late when we reached the school. When we were doing the registration, we saw the principal testing a 4YO girl (Cassandra’s to-be classmate) on some flashcards. I was stunned to see the words on the flashcards, which consist of the words electricity, technician and some pretty tough BM and Mandarin words! I cannot imagine my baby girl being able to read all these very soon. Well, Alycia and Sherilyn had gone through this stage not too long ago but Cassandra is still very much a baby in my eyes *sniff*

After paying the school fees, we brought Cassandra up to the class, which was already on-going. There was a slight degree of separation anxiety in her. In the classroom, she kept saying “mummy, my sweater is very smelly” repeatedly and kept tugging my leg, away from the classroom, LOL!! When her class teacher was in the midst of distracting her, hubs and I quickly sneaked away. About 2 hours later, I went back to her school to check how she’s doing. When I opened the classroom door, she was seated comfortably at the front row and the English lesson was on-going. She wasn’t even excited to see me and after I had brought her to pee, she hurried back into the classroom eagerly and did not show any sign of missing me!! I guess I am more excited and anxious than she is today. I promised her that I will buy her a birthday cake so that she could cut it and share it with her friends on her birthday next Monday.

My baby girl is growing up really, really fast.  I did miss her a lot when she was away in school but nope, I didn’t get teary eyed. I guess what I had gone through with her during her babyhood had made my heart tough like a solid rock.

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12 thoughts on “Cassandra’s First Day Of Kindy!

  1. It’s always harder for us to separate from our youngest. I don’t know if it is the same for you, but it is certainly for me. I always feel that my youngest boy (same age as Cassandra…he is a feb baby) is always a baby to me.

  2. Isn’t it wonderful?? She looks gorgeous in her 1st day-at-school outfit! I am quite disturbed by those flash cards…is that so-called teacher insane??!! When my dtr went to junior kindy at age 4, the teacher asked her to draw a pic of her family. She drew 4 BLOBS! I looked ard the class and most drawings looked human with a head and eyes etc. I was so embarrassed! She could recognize some numbers and a sprinkling of words, but definitely NOT “electricity”! Have to concede that she is a Dec baby and hence one of the youngest in the class. C is definitely academically more advanced than my dtr at that age.

  3. well done cassandra! wow, you did much better than your mummy! hehe. her kindy no uniform?

    cant wait to see your bday celebrations at school!

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