Random Matters

I’ve been feeling bleh lately and just don’t really feel like writing or doing anything. It must be caused by the lack of sleep accumulated over the past few weeks.  I’ve not had a single day of sleeping in for the past two weeks. And the stress of preparing Cass for her term exam, which she didn’t fare very well. That little devil can snatch years of my life away from me whenever I revise with her!

Knowing that this coming Sunday is yet another ‘work’ day for me just makes this week more unexciting with nothing to look forward to.  You see, the big girl has been on a marathon craze lately.  She signed up for 2 runs in two weeks!  And these are major runs (internationally); not runs meant for kiddos organized by the school. This Sunday she will be taking part in the Color Run with her friends. She collected her run package from the organizer on Sunday when I attended a birthday party with Cass at Kidzania.  And some time in November, she will be partaking in the Music Run with her friends.  I paid for the KL 2017 Music Run – it’s a birthday gift from me to her. This is one run that I’m very tempted to partake myself. Let me rebuild my iron and stamina levels and I will definitely sign up for it one day!

Cass has something new to look forward to now after piano lesson on Saturdays. After our favorite Samoyed pup was sold a few months ago, Cass has been hoping that the pet shop owner would get another Samoyed pup. She keeps asking the pet shop owner when the next Samoyed pup will arrive but sadly, there ain’t gonna be any anytime soon. Instead, there’s a whole bunch of super fluffy and cute Alaskan Malamute pups with a price tag of RM7,800 each!  Oh yeah, we are now friends with the pet shop owner, which himself owns a really HUGE Alaskan Malamute dog that’s kept at the pet shop. That dog is bigger than me, I kid you  not. He must be a huge fan of Alaskan Malamute dogs.

Irresistible – this picture gives you a better view of how Alaskan Malamute pups look like.

After piano lesson on Saturdays, Cass and I enjoy a few minutes of pure joy brought to us by a pack of pups packed with adorableness overload. It’s SO therapeutic looking at these pups, especially those with tilting heads, OMG SO cute!!

Grandma’s Back

The girls’ grandma returned from Hawaii yesterday after being away for a month. The girls have been waiting  impatiently for the huge box and bag of goodies from Hawaii. The moment grandma entered the house, the 3 super excited girls ripped open the box to check out what goodies were in store…

Everyone got what they wanted, including moi!  Thank you, sis for the lovely sexy GAP tops. You sure know my taste and style 🙂

There’re lots and lots of chocolates from Hawaii (aunt Sarah) and New Zealand (aunt SM), nuts, biscuits, snacks, Manuka honey from New Zealand and yummy pineapple tarts from Taiwan. The mil bought the tarts during her stopover at the airport in Taiwan.

Cass squeaked in delight to see a bag of seashells that uncle Richard picked up for her from Ebeye Island.  Cass is a big fan of seashells. She even googled the name of the shells, which she later found out are called Hebrew cone shells.

Just a short update today from me. Gotta be in bed early on a Saturday night today as I’ve got to be up early (AGAIN!) tomorrow. This is the second week straight that I’ve not had a decent day of sleeping in during the weekends.  Cass has a birthday party to attend at Kidzania in the morning tomorrow.

Good night y’all!

Simple, Nutritious And Yummy Home-Cooked Dishes

This week will be the last week that I have to slog in the hot evenings to dish out dinner, woohoo! The mil will be back from Hawaii on Saturday. I can have back the 1-2 hours daily to do my work on the computer instead of playing chef in the hot kitchen to prep lunch and dinner 😂 The weather these days have been sizzling hot and I have been having showers of up to 5 times each day.

Despite my lack of love for cooking, I must admit that after one month, the cooking momentum is at full swing and I am slowly starting to like cooking. I watch cook videos everyday to get ideas on what to cook.

These are some of the dishes that I wokked up for four of our dinners last week:

Dinner #1

Pan-fried chicken fillet marinated with turmeric, Teriyaki sauce, black pepper and palm sugar with caramelized onion sauce.

This lip-smackingly delish chicken goes well with buns…

or rice:

The meat is juicy and not at all dry, though I used chicken breast (organic). I think the trick of having juicy meat lies in the marinate. I used a heap teaspoon of corn flour, cooking oil and chopped onions to marinate the chicken fillet together with soy sauce, palm sugar, turmeric, ground black pepper and a dash of teriyaki sauce.

Dinner #2

Braised brinjal with minced pork, home-grown sweet basil, kafir lime leaves and ‘lai park‘ vegetable. I added the greens as Cass is not a fan of brinjal.

Steamed pomfret with tomatoes and garlic + onion soy sauce

Dinner #3

Steamed egg with minced pork and ‘mok yue’ (wood ear fungus) strips.

Stir-fried organic cabbage with ‘fu pei

Dinner #4

Marmite pork with orange zest. This is a newly tried dish and it tasted just like the real deal from ‘tai chow’ stalls except that mine is not coated with flour, not deep-fried and has zero MSG.  This is a guilt-free dish made with superfood Marmite and I could gorge on more pieces without feeling the inches creeping on my hips 😜 as I used lean pork shoulder loin with minimal oil for pan-frying. I love the shiny glaze from the marmite and palm sugar. And the orange zest gives this dish a very appetizing lift.  Next time I will add more orange zest for a stronger citrus punch.

I can’t believe I cooked all these in my busiest week as it was exam week for Drama Queen and Cass. After cooking and helping our part-time helper clean up, I went straight to the table to revise with Cass.   For Chinese subjects, I just sat next to her at the table to give her moral support, though I couldn’t help much as yours truly is one very yellow banana.  We’ve had late nights the entire week. What a turbulent week that was for me last week. I am reeling from the effects of sleep deprivation this week and taking longer naps in the afternoon.  I CAN’T WAIT for the girls to finish school, college and graduate from uni. I CAN’T WAIT to enjoy my golden years with no more stress and worry about the kids’ exams 😁

Our Saturday – 29 July 2017

This morning, Drama Queen complained to me that her Alycia che che wore her new and unworn North Star white canvas shoes to school. She was fuming. Both Alycia and Drama Queen share clothes and shoes but the fact that her che che wore her new shoes to school without asking her was just overboard. I would be angry too coz that big princess has a habit of wearing our new shoes without asking our permission.. and she once wore my new black leather Nike shoes without asking my permission!

After Alycia and Drama Queen left the house, I found this note on Alycia’s table, which sent me laughing like a hyena 😂

It reads:  “Smart move. But you ain’t gonna take my shoes again (smirk laugh emoticon). You think I don’t need to wear these shoes to school? Then what (do) I wear, huh? (fuming face emoticon)  Wear your own shoes, hunny”


That’s why I give her the apt moniker of Drama Queen as she’s really good in expressing her thoughts in the most dramatic of ways… and in the most hilarious way too. I just have to love this girl 😁

While waiting for me to hang out the laundry before our breakfast at our favorite coffee shop, Cass ate fruits and did a Chinese test paper. She fared badly in her Chinese writing paper earlier this week. She now has 3 more papers to score well next week to help pull her marks up in order to get a fairly good positioning in her class / standard, which can be pretty hard as she’s competing with a bunch of really smart kiddos.  Oh well… whatever will  be will be 🙂

Fruits of super sweet Canadian blueberries, Aussie strawberries, South African orange and Malaysian rambutan 😋

Ultra Lazy Healthy Meat And Broccoli Pasta Bake

Busy moms and dads, you’ll thank me for posting this recipe. It’s an ultra easy and fast healthy pasta to dish out not only for your little ones but for the adults too. This is a complete meal that takes under half an hour to prep, made in ONE baking dish, there’s no need to crank up the stove, no oil splatter and it’s absolutely yummy. It’s 100% healthy with no crap, cooked only using fresh and mostly organic ingredients. I used organic broccoli, organic pasta, organic chicken (for broth) and organic pork.

Just plonk flour, UNCOOKED pasta (YES, you read me right! RAW pasta), raw meat, vegetables, milk, butter and chicken broth into the baking dish, give it a quick stir, then pop it into the oven. Pull it out partway through cooking, stir through cheese, then finish baking. Easy peasy.  After I had cooked this and left it in the oven, I quickly drove to the pasar malam to grab some fruits before the skies turned dark, came home and dug into this pasta with my lovelies.

As this recipe requires chicken broth and we don’t use instant broth at home, I made a quick chicken broth using 2 pieces of organic Kee Song chicken (ribs + breast meat), 2 carrots and 1 large onion. Only took 45 minutes to cook this soup and it’s so tasty!  You can skip this step if you do not have the time. Just get instant chicken broth from the supermarket.

I first tried to use a Le Creuset baking dish but it was too small.  I quickly summoned Drama Queen to help me look for a bigger baking dish and she managed to fish out a stainless steel baking tray from some hidden corner. It was so messy to have to transfer the raw ingredients from the Le Creusent to the stainless steel tray  What the FISH!!

Instead of using chicken fillet as per the recipe, I used minced pork. I marinated the pork with soy sauce, dried thyme, pepper, and 1 big chopped Bombay onion.

For the pasta, I use organic mini fusilli.

This is how it looks just before it’s popped into the oven:

I thought that the portion was too big but it was so delish that my 3 piranhas managed to finish over 3/4 of it. I saved the remaining portion for lunch two days later.

You can get the recipe here.  Nagi is my current favorite food blogger and she writes awesome recipes.  I tweaked her recipe a little; for eg. I used thyme to marinate the meat instead of rosemary. She used chicken fillet while I used minced pork.  I had no plain flour at home and substituted it with corn flour 😀  It turned out beautifully too.  Happy trying!

P/S: as I didn’t want to waste the cooked carrots and onions in the chicken broth, I dumped them into the dish and baked them together.  Waste not, want not 😉

Tomyam Fish

I bought a packet of Mak Nyonya tomyam paste the other day. As our girls cannot stomach a dish that’s too spicy, I only use a couple of tablespoons of paste each time to cook the dish. This packet of tomyam paste is enough for me to cook three dishes: tomyam fried rice, tomyam fish and I haven’t decided yet what I want to dish up with the remaining paste; maybe I’ll cook tomyam pork or tomyam fish again since I have another pomfret fish in the freezer.

Instant Tom Yam Sauce

The dish is not only outrageously good, it has a kaleidoscope of bright colors too. And it’s a one-pot dish. That’s so important for busy mothers and fathers who are cooking dinners. I always take great pains to ensure that we eat a colorful meal each day, comprising of all natural green, red, yellow, orange and sometimes purple, black and blue.

Pomfret fish
Tomyam paste – I only used 2 tablespoons. You can add more for a stronger Thai punch and more intense spiciness.
3 tomatoes
Long beans – about 4
Ladies fingers – 10 pieces
Big onions – 2 large Bombay onions
Garlic – 2 or 3 cloves
Carrot – half
Juice of half a kafir lime
Kafir lime leaves – a handful

Brown the onions and garlic
Add tomyam paste and saute until fragrant
Add in all the vegetables except the ladies fingers as they turn soft pretty quickly
Add water enough to cover the fish and vegetables and let simmer for about 15-20 minutes
Add in the ladies fingers and simmer for another 10 minutes
Add in juice of kafir lime. Mix and turn off the fire.
Meanwhile, steam the pomfret fish in another wok for 10 minutes.
Once the vegetables and fish are cooked, ladle up the vegetables and sauce and pour over the fish.
Eat while it’s still piping hot.

Photobombed again! Someone pinching the onion omelette!


Updates – 25 July 2017

Sorry for the lack of update in my blogs. It was only after a phone call from my dearest mummy this morning to check on me on why I have been so quiet lately that I realized that I have not been updating my blogs for days.

So why the silence?

Whenever you do not read updates from me, I am either:

  1. feeling under the weather
  2. busy with the girls
  3. internet down
  4. out of town / country
  5. simply couldn’t find my mojo to write.

This time, it’s no. 1, 2 and 3.

I have been busy revising with Cass and Drama Queen over the weekend. Also, I caught the flu bug from the hubs and Drama Queen and started to have a nose that dripped water like a leaking tap and an irritated throat since yesterday. I was running to the bathroom every 10-15 minutes to blow and clean my nose at the sink. I don’t use tissue papers as this will only cause a sore nose.  I was struggling to keep myself alive the whole of yesterday — dragged myself into the kitchen to cook and to revise with Cass who is sitting for her term exam which started yesterday and only ending next Wednesday.  To compound matters, the internet at my house was down for more than half a day yesterday and by the time it was up again, it was time for me to cook dinner already. I was really down when the internet was down as I could not do anything on the computer, except to use my mobile phone but that’s using the mobile data. Furthermore, with a phone, my work is limited.  When it rains, it pours hard!

This morning while I was waiting for Cass to dress up for school before I tied her hair into a bun, I told Cass that my eyes felt very  heavy and I didn’t feel like exercising. Cass looked at me with a stern look and with a serious tone, she said this:

Cass : mummy, PLEASE don’t go jogging ok? We can go down to the lobby ourselves. We are not babies anymore. You go back to sleep. And don’t you dare go jogging!

And so after sending Drama Queen and Cass off to the school van, I snuggled back onto my cozy bed and slept for 2 hours (with dreams some more haha!), only to wake up at 9:30 a.m. for a breakfast of a slice of Japanese chiffon cake and a bowl of light Marmite soup (1 teaspoon to 300 ml of water).

It’s usually safe to exercise when you have a cold as long as you listen to your body. You’ll need to watch out for certain risky situations, like shortness of breath, a congested nose (which may cause difficulty in breathing) and fever.  As I felt very lethargic (from lack of sleep) with tired eyes and a beat up body, I decided to catch up on my sleep. Sleep is equally as important as exercise and when you have a cold, you should listen to your body’s calling. It is during deep sleep that our body repairs itself.  I listened to my body and took a 2-hour nap, woke up and felt like I’ve recovered from the cold.  With just natural supplements like carotenoids, hydrogen water, Esberitox, raw honey, Manuka honey, propolis and lots of sleep / rest, I am on my way to recovery in just a day!  PTL!


Cute Hand-Crafted Key Chains

Despite having to sit for an exam in a few days’ time, Cass still prefers to indulge in craft vs. poring over her school books.  Several days ago, despite having a stack of homework and test papers to do, she pushed them aside. Instead, she crafted a homemade gift from scraps – a mineral water bottle made from thin plastic.

She made a cube box by cutting the plastic mineral water bottle with a pair of scissors. Inside the box is a macaron key chain which she made some time back using magic clay from my online store. The ring for the key chain was bought from Daiso. Then she ransacked my cupboard and fished out a red ribbon to tie it on her gift box… and tadaaaaa….

The pretty macaron key chain in a transparent gift box, all hand-crafted with precision and love from my baby girl.

This yummy cake key chain is also hand-crafted by Cass, using magic clay and Daiso-bought key ring.

I asked her if she’s going to gift these key chains away but she said she will collect them all.

On a side note, yesterday was just not my day. The moon and stars were not aligned like they should. After I parked my car outside the school to send lunch to Cass and Drama Queen, the battery went flat.  It was the first time in my 27 years of driving that I experienced a flat battery when I was out of the house.  I made a quick call to the hubs for SOS and he called his car technician over to his office. They drove to school and the technician changed my car battery. What a way to start my Wednesday!


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