Happy Our Beagle

We used to have a pedigree Beagle dog. But we were only capable of keeping it for 1 year. Happy was a result of DH’s impulse purchase and he (Happy) cost a whopping RM2k. Though my gals and I are avid dog lovers, we just couldn’t keep Happy….. happy, how ironic. Because I had had my hands full with my 2 gals and hardly ever have any time for myself, we had neglected poor Happy. He was always kept in his enclosure in our wet kitchen. As a result, I think Happy suffered dog depression and kept falling sick. Consequently, DH spent an average of RM300 – RM500 pm on his food, medical bills and vet / hotel bills (Happy would be placed at the vet whenever we went back to Ipoh). I then pursuaded DH to find someone who loves dogs to adopt Happy. Very reluctantly, DH spread word around and in the end, our vet found a lady who adopted Happy. Every time when my gals and I see a Beagle on the street or on TV, they would excitedly scream “look mummy, Happy boy”. Every now and then I will think of Happy and do miss Happy, but what to do, for Happy’s happiness, we had to release him to someone who can shower him with more time and love, sob sob : (

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