I used to bring Alycia and Sherilyn to the playground to jog and play everyday so that they can get their daily doses of free Vitamin D from the sun, sweat it out to remove toxins from their little body and to breathe in fresh air to their lungs and brains. A good physical program is in fact the foundation to a good mental and physical health of a child. Of late, I’ve neglected my gals quite a bit :guilty:, also the weather is crazy… mornings will be scorching hot and evenings will be wet. The weather this morning was lovely… it was a tad cloudy and windy, just my perfect kind of weather for an outdoor activitiy and I jumped at the opportunity to bring the gals out to let out their long-stored overcharged energy. Boy, they went crazy at the playground like a just released puppy that has been caged for a long time.

Alycia grinning away on the swing.

Sweet taste of freedom alas… mummy!

Like primates climbing up and down.

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6 thoughts on “Exercise

  1. so cute
    ::pinch their cheek::

    envy those parents with girls leh..
    am i lucky enough to have one in the future i wonder..

  2. Ohhh..!! my brat loves the park..!! but because of the cold weather here.. it’s hard on the brat.. because she doesn’t get to go out to play alot. She just make do in the store.

  3. Mamabok… isnt it really nice to be able to run about in the park in cold weather? How I long for that…

  4. wah really look v excited wor d girls… too bad i cant find any swing or see-saw at our playground. seems to have disappeared from all new playgrounds across the island :s

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