Healthy Homemade Nutty Cheddar Cheese Bread

First, just measure and dump all the ingredients into my breadmaker.

All the healthy bread ingredients in the breadmaker.

Add in a small wedge of smoked cheddar cheese from HK.

Switch on my Sanyo breadmaker and ……

2 hrs 40 mins later….. a delicious fragrant loaf of nuttylicious bread, just in time for lunch.

I was in a mood to bake this morning so after I came back from jogging, I quickly baked a loaf of ‘healthy nutty cheddar cheese bread’ for the gals just before they woke up. Took me only 20 minutes to gather and measure all the ingredients and another 5 minutes snapping the pix. Even dumped in 2 tablespoons of my gals’ Sustagen chocolate milk powder for added calcium and DHA/ARA and protein. Instead of putting the usual 2 tablespoons of butter, I substituted it with 1 tbs of butter and 1 tbs of cheddar cheese that sil no. 2 brought back from HK on Monday. The result…. a yummilicious, nutty, cheesy, chewy bread that both my gals couldn’t stop asking for more to munch for lunch.

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13 thoughts on “Healthy Homemade Nutty Cheddar Cheese Bread

  1. your family is so blessed to have fresh homemade bread la….very tempting, made me wanna just run out n buy a breadmaker (which i know i’ll just use 2 times then retire it to the storeroom) hahaha.

  2. I find this breadmaker very useful. Though I really love breads from bakeries, but the health freak mommy in me tells me it’s not healthy…. all the sugar, softener, preservative and white flour are slowly killing my gals’ immune system. So, just sacrifice some precious time and my gals get to eat healthy, fresh bread free fr additives πŸ™‚

  3. Wow..!! so cool..!! i’m way to lazy to even think about making home made bread. Shame on me eh..?

  4. No lar Mamabok, dont say lidat ler. You hv to run ur own biz, where to find the luxury to bake bread? You’re already a supermom, having to care for Chloe, run biz, do household chores, all without a maid.

  5. Wow… it’s sure easy to make bread now days. U just dump all the ingredients in & the machine will just do it.

    I love to eat cheese, so, can give me the ingredients?

  6. Hey Cheryl, you go buy the breadmaker first k? Then u email me for the ingredients, k, hehe..

  7. shireen, where can i get the sanyo bread maker ? lot of ppl commented it is better than the kenwood one…(texture softer, hmm….)

  8. Chin Nee, my mom gave it to me. She bought it a few yrs bk. Recently she got a Kenwood breadmaker that can even make jam. My mom also commented that the Sanyo one is better. FOr me, I’d prefer Kenwood coz can make jam. My mom successfully made pineapple, strawberry, mandarin orange & apple jam with the Kenwood breadmaker.

  9. hi shireen,
    that yummylicious bread really makes me hungry now.
    you’re really a health freak mommy, good job.

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