Alycia Can Tell The Time

Remember I wrote about Bedtime stories where DH taught the gals to read the clock? Well, I have been teaching Alycia how to read the clock for the last 1 week, though not consistently and last nite when I asked her to tell me the time looking at the ‘Tell The Time’ flashcards, she managed to tell me the time, though she only knows how to tell the time when the minute hand points to 12, ie. she has to say o’clock.

Today, I brought out a book on telling the time which my sil had bought the gals a few months back and tested Alycia and she managed to tell me all the basic ‘o’clock’ time.

Tonight, I shall progress to the next step of teaching Alycia how to tell the time when the minute hand points to 6. I promised her that if she knows how to tell the time, I shall buy her a Princess watch and this has motivated her to pay attention when I read to her. Hopefully she can independently tell the time very soon and be my walking clock.

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7 thoughts on “Alycia Can Tell The Time

  1. so clever..
    but seriously, kids tend to learn a lot faster supervised. keep up the kiasuism. it’s in trend. hehe..

    shern didn’t learn anythin new alphabets lately. we’ve been busy, and all over the place.
    must start teachin him soon. what to do. kiasu mom.

  2. Hi HFM–that’s wonderful! I did the same with my little one–once she was able to tell time, we bought her a wristwatch.

    One thought, when teaching time, do it for short periods of time only (say a minute or two). Any longer (unless they ask) and it can become an unwanted pressure. Even if they ask, you may wish to cut it short so they are continually interested.

    Let us know how it goes!

  3. Wow! Well done!
    My girl usually tells me the time. Yet to teach my boy, think I better start now 🙂

  4. wah clever girl! *clap hands* can ask mommy for a baby tag lor hahaha

    anyway, we walked past a shop the other day n cairo saw n wanted a cute little wrist watch. i told her “u dun even know 123 la, let alone time :p” hahahah

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