Before Alycia and Sherilyn Came Along…

Before Alycia and Sherilyn came along, daddy would sometimes carry mummy to the bed like a white knight sweeping his princess off her feet. After the both of you came along, daddy complains of backache to mummy all the time but the pain seems to have miraculously vanished when you both asked to be carried.

Before Alycia and Sherilyn came along, daddy would caringly wear socks for mummy when she had the sniffles. Now that daddy has you 2 darlings, he would obligingly wear socks for his 2 princesses no matter how busy or tired he may be. As for mummy? She knows how to wear the socks herself mah.

Before Alycia and Sherilyn came along, daddy would always lovingly help get mummy some food when they have meals together. Now that he has 2 beautiful princesses, he’d rather be feeding them. Mummy leh? Aiyah… no need to eat so much wan, eat less is good.

Before Alycia and Sherilyn came along, Daddy and Mummy enjoy sharing their desserts together and they can peacefully take their own sweet time to savour every spoonful. Eversince you both came along, daddy prefers to share his dessert with his 2 princesses, though most of the time, he ends up having none.

Before Alycia and Sherilyn came along, daddy and mummy would always have a beautiful couple snapshot together when it’s our birthdays. Now that you both are here, mummy is always the cameraman and no where to be seen in pictures.

So is mummy still happy now that she has you both? The answer is a resounding YES, absolutely no regrets and no, mummy is not jealous. Alycia and Sherilyn, when you both read this post a few years down the road, you will know how much your daddy and mummy love you.

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13 thoughts on “Before Alycia and Sherilyn Came Along…

  1. This is both touching and hilarious. Ah Tun has turned out to be quite the daddy, hasn’t he? πŸ˜‰

  2. Jenn… Hahaha…. yup, Ah Tun Kor is indeed a good daddy. I can see your Lokes is also a very caring dad.

  3. Well when you have kids, everything you do is for your kids.. but of course sometimes you would still find time for each other.

    Oh yes, with regards to your question in my blog, unfortunately, there is no way of backing up Blogger/blogspot blogs. The only way to back them up to have your blog hosted in your own domain, import all posts over and perform backup there. I guess you have to trust Blogger/Blogspot to be reliable until forever.

  4. yea we’re both very fortunate to hv married 24-hour dads and husbands. plus yours is first try sumore πŸ˜‰

  5. Julian… tks a lot for your reply. So if I hv my own domain, will u help me import my posts there? I’ll buy u lunch, hehehe…..

    Jenn… though yours is 2nd or 3rd try, u hv nevertheless, found ur soulmate.

  6. They are so blessed to have a doting daddy πŸ™‚ I’m sure your hubby loves you just as much πŸ™‚

  7. Hai,

    Like to read your blog but i never leave comment.

    but,this one i cannot tahan,must say’s so touching & heartwarming.

    Take care n send my regards to your 2 lovely dd.

    From : Kim

  8. Mamabok, LZMommy & Kim… tks 4 d very nice words. Kim, tks 4 dropping by my blog, I’m glad u like my blog.

  9. Leena… DH did say he wants to have 1 more bb but for me… puh leeze not yet. I m so not ready yet, haha…

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