Fun At Westin Hotel

These pictures were taken at the Westin Hotel today where we had buffet lunch.

That’s me with Alycia and Sherilyn at the dessert counter. Alycia’s eyes were fixated at the pralines and when I was busy carrying Sherilyn, she managed to stealthily popped a few into her mouth without me noticing. Daddy saw but kept quiet but told me later when we were at the car. Great…. when she complains of sore throat later, you go kau tim her.

Ooohh…. look at the mouth-watering tempting strawberries on the cheesecake.

Alycia and Sherilyn went crazy over the bread sticks and that was the only food apart from her good ol’ cereal that Sherilyn ate though there was so much delicious food on the buffet counter.

Yuuuuuuummmmm….. sennnnnnng……Alycia and Sherilyn love to toast with daddy.

Sherilyn was very tired but very happy that alas, she got her flower shaped balloon from Mr Clown.

On our way home.

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5 thoughts on “Fun At Westin Hotel

  1. who took those photos? how come pretty mommy’s head all missin one?
    the girls look so cute in pink.

  2. wahh..ya woh, why the head all kena chop off kekee..

    hey the food ho jiak boh? how much? talk about the food oso lah

  3. Shern’s mom… DH took the pix & it’s actually my order not to hv my face taken. My face is not to appear in my blog, haha…. give everyone some suspense.

    Jazzmint… the food is so-so only, not that wide a variety coz the price is not that expensive, only RM66nett (actually still expensive but cheaper than competitors). The desserts outdo the main course and savoury. I still prefer Shangri-La (the best), Hilton & Equatorial.

  4. this mommy so secretive about her look. you sure have a gorgeous look to match the size 0 body. haha.

    ya, i love shangri-la high tea. hubby’s friend is a chef there, so we get 50% off but we havent been there for so so long. oh im droolin..

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