Learning Through Singing

Sherilyn has always loved music, singing and dancing. When she was a baby and cried each time, singing and playing soft music had always comforted her and lulled her to sleep.

I have recently discovered a new way of teaching my 2 gals. Since it’s really difficult to make them sit still classroom style with eyes focused on whatever I am teaching them, I discovered by chance some time back that by singing out the word as I read out each flash card to them really helps and they kept asking for more and more and more till I have to say STOP, ha ha..

This is how I sing out my teaching lessons:

Let’s say I am showing them a flash card with the word ‘happy’. I’ll sing out the song “I am h-a-p-p-y, I am h-a-p-p-y” and modify the song a tad bit. They find it so entertaining and now both Alycia and Sherilyn recognize the sight word happy and if I ask Alycia what h-a-p-p-y is (without showing her the flash card) she could tell me the word correctly.

The same goes for many other words. I will try to match the individual word that I am about to teach / sing to them to a rhyming nursery rhyme tune. Eg. singing out the word ‘strawberry’ to the tune of ‘If You Happy And You Know It Clap Your Hands’. After a few times singing out the word, both my gals started to recognize the sight word ‘strawberry’ as well as the spelling of the word orally (without being shown the flash card).

When we go for walks and see a coconut tree for instance, I’ll point to the coconut and tell them that they’ve just seen a coconut and then I’ll sing out the song “c-o-c-o-n-u-t”.

This is such a fun way of teaching my gals and all 3 of us enjoy it so much.

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