Tom Tom The Piper’s Son

Today just before lunch time, I read and sang some nursery rhymes to Sherilyn, my 2.5 yo toddler who LOVES singing and loves me reading through singing to her. I sang her a few nursery rhymes like Baa Baa Black Sheep, Rock A Bye Baby, Little Bo Beep Has Lost Her Sheep, Hey Diddle Diddle and Tom Tom The Piper’s Son. She loved the Tom Tom song so much that she wanted me to sing and point out each word to her as I sang to her over and over and over again and she didn’t want me to stop. I swear I sang like around 50 times. When I stopped, she cried. I had spent close to 1/2 hr singing to her till my voice ran hoarse. As I wanted to do some work on the computer, I put Sherilyn on my lap as I did my typing with 1 hand and I continued singing and singing till I told her mummy got to stop to go wee wee. Wah… the moment I put her down on the floor, she wailed and her tantrum flared.

My maid and I spent another 15 mintues trying to placate her. She didn’t even want to watch Thomas & Friends when the tv was turned on. So my maid placed Sherilyn on her lap and fed her her cereal for lunch. After a while, she stopped whining and began to settle down, enjoying her meal of cereal and organic green tea noodles with fish paste in winter melon soup.

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3 thoughts on “Tom Tom The Piper’s Son

  1. so clever girl now knows how to sing tom tom already not?
    sing it into a recorder and play it. put it on repeat.oh oh.., forgot she wants mommy to point somemore.

  2. Hi HFM–sounds like she got pretty attached to that nursery rhyme! It amazes me how much they like those old nursery rhymes.

    Sounds like you did a lot of singing. How does that melody go (wink)?

  3. Leena… after hearing me sing that rhyme for more than 100 times the whole of yesterday, Alycia & Sherilyn can now memorize the rhyme out. BTW, Sherilyn’s obsession with this rhyme lasted until today. She’s still pestering me to sing it to her. Now, i dont need the book anymore. I can sing by hard too LOL!

    TNP…actually i’d only recently learnt to sing this rhyme from one of the gals’ CDs. Sounds very catchy.

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