Young Artist At Work

Alycia drawing a birthday cake, balloons and popsicles.

Eversince Alycia attended pre-school early this year, the artistic sense in her has been uncovered. She loves writing, colouring and drawing.

I guess daddy’s artistic genes have rubbed off on her coz daddy can draw pretty well, really damn chun wan.

That was one of the reasons why a naive silly 17-year old school girl 17 years ago fell for her older brother’s best friend who was head over heels over her and hand-made her ‘lum sei ngor lor’ Valentine’s Day cards and greeting cards.

Promise… will try to dig out those cards that DH made me close to 2 decades ago, get them scanned and post them in my blog.

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7 thoughts on “Young Artist At Work

  1. Dont worry,dear daughter, those lovely cards and drawings are safely kept among your treasures in your drawer back home in Ipoh.

  2. How nice, you have a Michealangelo to teach your daughter. I think my drawing now worse than my children’s. Hahah. Although I had to learn how to draw dinosaurs.
    So, do you still get anymore romantic homemade cards from DH?

  3. Mummy… tks mum!

    Lian…hahaha…. i can imagine ur son forcing u to draw a dinosaur.
    Cards? Eversince the gals came along, dont mention homemade card ler, he doesnt even hv time to buy cards anymore, how sad πŸ™

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