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DH is into rearing fish and feng shui. Remember I wrote about the nemos in our little fish pond? Well, a handful of the nemos that DH bought 2 weeks back had died. The poor nemos must have died due to exposure to excessive scorching heat during the day. I have asked DH to buy an indoor aquarium instead for the fish.

The other day, whilst I was surfing the internet looking for aquariums, I saw a really cool and classy BiOrb fish tank at It looks like a traditional goldfish bowl but has an unusual, low maintenance filtration system to keep it clean. What I like most about the BiOrb fish tank is that we don’t have to empty the water in the tank and the specialized filtration system is simple to use and requires only changing the catridge. The water remains crystal clear in the fish tank for months between cartridge changes. Fish in the BiOrb tank will enjoy a healthy environment, thus live longer.

DH is really impressed with the BiOrb fish tank system as he doesn’t have to spend hours cleaning the fish pond and fishing out dead fish anymore. He will be ordering the BiOrb fish tank and some aquarium supplies from tonight when he returns from work.

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