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Sherilyn is good with this toy. During breakfast yesterday, she fixed the shapes puzzle in under 5 minutes without referring to the map. It looks easy to fix but can be quite tricky. Now, I’ve got a new toy to keep Sherilyn occupied whilst I work on my computer as she can spend close to an hour fixing the puzzle over and over again without any signs of getting bored with it.

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9 thoughts on “Educational Toy

  1. wow…where did u get this? ur gal is good and independent. it doesn’t seem to be easy to get the block shapes fixed. my boy is same age as her, but can’t even play alone for 1/2 an hour. he always relies on me to help him especially when playing puzzles!… ๐Ÿ™

    anyway, link u in my kids’ blog.

  2. Hi Jacelyn… tks 4 visiting my blog and for linking me in ur blog.
    My sil bought the toy from New Zealand. Sherilyn normally cant play alone for 1/2 hr too but if the toy is really interesting, then she can sit for even an hour.
    Try to go to My Childhood at 1Utama, they sell lots of good educational toys imported.

  3. wow she’s good, doing it under 5 mins, she knows how to figure out shapes and where to put them.

  4. Girlie, Barb, Leena… my gals, if they love something, they can be really good in them like puzzles.

  5. wah, macam a more advanced tangram eh? anyway, i am a full supporter of educational toys, u can never get too many of em hehehe ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. I’m amaze she could figure out the puzzle let alone sitting still doing it. I can’t even get Belle to sit still putting in those shape cubes into the cut-outs.

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