Expert In Swallowing Medicine

Sherilyn is now an expert in swallowing her medicine. She used to puke at the sight of medicine whenever she was ill but now, she drinks them like drinking water…. easy peasy, no hassle, no fussing, no crying, no puking (but sometimes she still does puke) BUT there must be at least a slice of cake or some biscuits for her as reward after she has swallowed her medicine.

Notice the plastic bag hanging on the chair? That’s for collecting vomit just in case either of the gals puke. I always have a plastic bag hanging on a chair during meal times.

First, I drink my medicine from the tiny medicine cup.

Then, I put the cup down……

and lastly, I sink my tiny teeth into this soft plain chiffon cake. Hhhmmm…… so nice to fall sick, daddy will surely buy me lots of cakes to eat, hehehe……

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6 thoughts on “Expert In Swallowing Medicine

  1. When I read this post, I really hope Brae is like Sherilyn, no fuss in eating medicine. Brae just shut his mouth tight and sometimes he spat it out….*sigh*.

  2. Khongfamily…. dont worry, Brae is still young. Give him another year and he’ll def be an expert just like my gals. You shd hv seen my gals last year when i fed them with med. Words just cant describe how they reacted to med… i m glad those days are over, phew!

  3. Wah…so good girl. Where do you get your supply of bribes from i.e. do you have cake always in the house for emergency bribe? Or you bribe only when you foresee the need?

  4. yeah…i also wish that ashley is like your’s always a struggle to feed her medicine. I had to resort to putting them in her milk 🙁

  5. BP… I normally have supply of organic biscuits at home for bribes. As for cakes, i buy them once in a while and esp when the gals are sick and need them as reward.

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