Our Pet Fish

This is our little fish pond. We used to have 20+ little nemos but they didn’t make it in the little pond, maybe they were fighting for oxygen and food, I don’t know. When DH just bought them, they just died, one by one…. everyday the gals would rush out to the garden to see if they could see any little nemos float in the water and if there was, Alycia would fish it out for kakak to bury it. Finally after weeks, only 4 nemos survived. But the number 4 is not auspicious mah, sei sei sang. So a couple of days ago, DH bought a few more nemos.

Alycia helping daddy release the little nemos into the pond.

Two sweet umbrella girls in the scorching heat watching daddy release nemos and seaweed into the pond.

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3 thoughts on “Our Pet Fish

  1. talkin about nemo, we have a fish pond. of course just like you, our nemos gets lesser and lesser.

    how sweet of them to help daddy. it looks like they’re attendin some fish pond openin ceremony somewhere, with their umbrellas and the ‘media’. so funny.

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