Purple Flower Plant

Since I’d received requests from many mommies to have the picture of the purple flower plant taken, I went to the playground near my house early this morning to have the pic of the purple flower plant snapped.

Sorry, I don’t know the scientific English name of this plant and I’m not sure if this plant grows in any other country besides tropical countries. You can do a google search to find out more about this plant.

I was advised that the leaves of the plant can also be boiled and I normally put in 2 blades of leaves to boil together with barley for Alycia and Sherilyn to drink. Another benefit of drinking water boiled from the flowers and leaves of this plant is that it alleviates constipation. It works for me and my 2 gals in relieving constipation. In fact you will have a real smooth ‘business’ after consuming this drink and it doesn’t cause any tummy discomfort.

*Disclaimer – this is not intended to be a medical advice*

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5 thoughts on “Purple Flower Plant

  1. I’ve never seen this plant before. It does have such good benefits you said. I do love the color though, its my fav color…hehehe ;p

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