Another Dead Nemo

Less than 1 month after hubby had bought some additional fish for our pond, most of the new nemo did not survive at their new home. Yesterday, another nemo died. Now, there are only about 7-8 surviving nemos in the pond, from 20 over of them.

Poor nemo floating in the water on the left 🙁

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6 thoughts on “Another Dead Nemo

  1. Perhaps the dead nemo is eaten or injured by other?

    If I have a pond I will breed some small piranhas though :). They are lovely.

  2. Mom to chumsy… no oxygen supply wor. Do we need to give oxygen? What about fish living in the ocean and river?

    Cherry… maybe, coz DH also bought a sucker fish, the one that sucks dirt.
    You want to breed some Piranhas? Not worried they will eat up your hands when you clean up the pond?

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