Having Fun With Cousin

My eldest sil, her son and maid arrived from Hong Kong last night. The gals were excited and delighted to meet their little cousin brother, Ernest for the first time. Just before bedtime, the gals and Ernest were playing on the bed in the gals’ room when suddenly Ernest hugged Alycia very tightly and tried to kiss her. He looked so ‘chee kek’ and geram. As he couldn’t control the intensity of the kiss, he accidentally bit Alycia on the chest. Alycia wailed and screamed out in pain. Poor girl. Now, she has a bite mark on her chest but that did not stop her from playing with Ernest today.

This is a pic of my sil (the one holding up the t-shirt) the generous santarina distributing gifts to everyone. The gals got a pair of the latest original Crocs in pretty pink with Disney accessories for the Crocs, lots of organic crackers and goodies, more Disney souvenirs, a kids’ walkman and much more. I got the latest Agnis b. t-shirt.

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7 thoughts on “Having Fun With Cousin

  1. haha..guess Ernest cannot resist Alycia cos she’s kinda chubby and cute too ;D I can see so many stuff from HK. You all are so lucky 😀

  2. really meeting their cousin for the 1st time?

    your sil is very generous…are the kids enjoying the crocs? i love the disney jibbitz, but it’s kinda expensive here in the philippines

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