Hide and Seek With Daddy

Alycia and Sherilyn LOVE playing hide-and-seek with daddy. Every night they would wait for daddy to return so that they can play hide-and-seek with him. Daddy would hide behind the curtains, under the comforter, inside the closet and inside the bathroom. As they count 1 through 10, daddy would hurriedly dash from the gals’ room to our room to hide. It’s so nice seeing the girls squeal in excitement and suspense as they search for daddy. This is a picture of daddy playing hide-and-seek with his 2 princesses.

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6 thoughts on “Hide and Seek With Daddy

  1. What a good daddy..! chloe loves to play hide and seek with us too.. i’ll show you .. where she hides soon.. on my blog.. 😉

  2. our lil’ girls play that amongst themselves…with daddy it’s all the rough & tumble games!

    daddy give them lots of thrill!

  3. hahaha…so nice of daddy 😀 Do they ask you to hide too? Mine only does certain things with her daddy:D

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