Mooncakes Galore

Mooncake with nuts, seeds and bacon strips.

Disney Winnie The Pooh mooncake.

These are the mooncakes that my sil brought back from Hong Kong. My favorite are the ones with lots of seeds, nuts and strips of roasted bacon. The ain’t too sweet and are loaded with seeds and nuts and are very tasty too. There are even Pooh Bear mooncakes from Disney Land. There goes my diet plan….. my calories have far exceeded my output. I guess I have to increase the intensity and duration of my jogging sessions before my pouch becomes a permanent feature!

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11 thoughts on “Mooncakes Galore

  1. Hi HFM–OK, what is a mooncake? It looks like a biscuit … maybe?

    What does it taste like? So many questions (laugh)!

  2. I wonder how Mooncake with bacon tastes. Nuts, seeds and bacon all in one place. And the Pooh Bear Mooncake is so so cute. I guess Chinese have to exercise more since we seem to celebrate a lot of festives and end up eating a lot :D.

  3. i dont know about other people, but mooncake for me is just not so appetizing. no offense. but the winnie’s mooncake is totally cute.

  4. I’m so tempted to ‘move’ to HK liao….after saw ur post abt HK stuff, etc….he,he..I only love ‘ping pei’ mooncake…yummy yummy

  5. Wow..! bacon strips.. that’s new..???? what does it taste like..?? i only like the lotus paste with snow skin.. the rest.. i can do without.

  6. wow…your sil even brought mooncakes? how nice of her ๐Ÿ˜€ do they taste better than the ones here?

  7. TNP… mooncakes are a cross between biscuit and cake. They are sweet. I dont really fancy them but will eat them anyway as we only get to eat them once a year.

    Cherry…yes, Chinese tend to eat fattening and sweet stuff and they have so many festivals, that’s why you see many of them obese.

    Mamabok and Mamajo… i quite like ping pei too, esp the pandan flavored ones.

    Barb… the HK ones taste way better than the ones sold here ๐Ÿ˜€

    Leena… i dont really go crazy over mooncakes but just eat them coz if i dont eat them, i’ll hv to wait another 1 year, greedy me LOL!

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