My Neighbour Is Driving Me Crazy With….

…. her curries. Every morning at around 10ish am, my Sikh neighbour will start to cook her curry. First I hear her blending the onions and stuff in the blender and in less than an hour’s time, I smell her heavenly curry. I tell you, the mouth watering aroma of the curries that wafted from her kitchen to our kitchen each morning can really make my tummy rumble and growl. I love curries, especially the authentic Indian or Sikh curries. And my neighbour is such a good cook. Not only do her curries whet my appetite, even the aroma of her fried chicken and fried stuff are driving me hungry every morning. Yesterday, I met my neighbour at the van selling vegetables outside our house and I told her that her curries smell damn good and hinted to her that one day, I have to sample them. She just smiled proudly. I hope she got the hint and will one day, ring on my door bell and present me with a bowl of her delicious curry! I’m gluttonous, ain’t I?

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10 thoughts on “My Neighbour Is Driving Me Crazy With….

  1. hi! oh no , thank god u r not staying in my house! i am renting a room from a Sikh family! everyday the whole house smells of curry and roti/chapati

  2. hahaha…does your hair smell of curry too? i love curries but i don’t think i can stand smelling curries all the time 😀

  3. i know the feel, as last time my neighbor also like that, they are malay, the situation turned worse during the puasa time.

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