They Love Noah’s Ark

Alycia has always loved the story Noah’s Ark. She liked it even more ever since she watched the movie Evan Almighty, a rendition of the modern Noah’s Ark. Yesterday as Sherilyn was sitting on her potty doing her poopie business, Alycia took out a cloth book on Noah’s Ark (which I had bought for her years ago from my church), pulled out a stool to sit next to Sherilyn and began ‘reading’ to her sister. Alycia certainly did a good job as she even mimicked the way I normally read to them, i.e. pointing to the words as I read.

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5 thoughts on “They Love Noah’s Ark

  1. Yeah…really girl girl is always more considerate & passion…compare to boy. When Jona see Iz drooling, he will scared till run away..can’t imagine if Iz doing poo poo..

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