Alycia Loves Coloring

Pre-school has somewhat disciplined Alycia. She used to laze around in the house, playing or demanding to watch TV all the time but ever since she resumed pre-school 3 weeks ago, her interest in writing and drawing has surfaced again. Last Saturday morning, after Alycia got up from bed, had her milk and washed up, she took out her Doodle Pro and began drawing with a stencil without being told to. After carefully tracing the stencil, she began coloring the pictures on the Doodle. She was so wrapped up with her coloring that she didn’t even bother to eat her breakfast. So I fed her breakfast as she did her coloring and she had spent close to an hour carefully coloring on the Doodle. Her coloring skill has improved tremendously and she can now color within the lines of the pictures.

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