Alycia Wants Her Diaper!

For the past 2 days, Alycia demanded to have her diapers worn during the afternoon naptime. Since the ‘accident’ a few days ago where she wet the mattress, she seems to have a phobia of not wearing diapers, especially now that we have a brand new mattress as she’s concerned that she might accidentally pee on the new mattress. I tried to convince her that it’s ok to be diaper-free as mummy will be waking her up to bring her to the potty but she insisted on wearing her diaper. This afternoon, she brought her diaper out from the drawer, removed her shorts and begged me to put it on for her! Oh dear, why is she regressing? Is it because of the new mattress or she hates to be woken up to pee on the potty? Maybe tomorrow I should try to stealthily remove the diapers after she has drifted to sleep and then wake her up to pee. Good idea?

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8 thoughts on “Alycia Wants Her Diaper!

  1. hahaha…if she’s not a light sleeper then it’s ok to remove when she’s asleep. I’m sure Alycia will be surprised to see herself diaperless and didn’t wet the mattress 😀

  2. Let her wear the diaper since she insists, and also to play safe. But you still wake her up to wee as you still want to continue training her to be diaper-free eventually.

  3. Chloe is this way too.. and they do that i heard. But like my MIL said.. they would do things.. when they are ready.. on their own time.. and we just gotta be patient ya. 😉

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