Blogger Problem or My Computer Problem?

Remember I wrote a post about me encountering some problems with my blog? I have deleted some files from my C drive, as advised by Cherry and also performed a disk defragmentation. However, the problem still persisted. Each time I clicked on my blog to perform a task, eg. clicked on a link to another website, clicked on the perma link, clicked to edit post, clicked to create new post, etc., it would take at least 3 minutes for my computer to process the task. In addition, a message which states “Stack overflow at line : 63” or “Out of memory in line : 56” would apprear. Most times, my blog will just ‘hang’ and I would have to close it a few times and log into Blogger again. However, if I perform a task or even a few tasks within half a minute of logging in to my blog, my computer will have no problems processing the tasks. Once the half minute is up, my blog will hang and the error message would appear. I have no problems logging in to other websites. This is really driving me nuts. So much time is wasted everyday.

I’m not going to write to Blogger Help Desk for support coz it’s useless. I’d in the past written to them a couple of times but never got a reply.

Can someone please help me solve my problem, pretty please?

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9 thoughts on “Blogger Problem or My Computer Problem?

  1. Hi HFM–I’ve never had this issue, but I have had others with Blogger. Many times there are buggy things that happen and then after a day or so they go away. Always it’s Blogger (smile)!

  2. has your hubby’s friend scan your computer for virus? do you have any problems surfing the net like taking a long time to view a website? so far i have no problem with blogger except that the fonts changed automatically sometimes. Crazy.

  3. have you added something to your codes prior to this problem? It may be it. I experienced that with wordpress, i added something which was not compatible, so it caused some errors.

  4. Many year ago.. when using Blogspot.. i had this problem too.. but the tech support had been really good to me though. The only reason why i had switched before was because blogspot got no private setting for private post.

  5. aiyoo….got virus liao? try to do it with another computer than you can know if it is your blog problem or the computer problem. I had this problem with my home computer but it is ok when i am using office computer.

  6. Mom to chumsy… yes, my hubby’s friend has scanned for virus but there’s no virus. I hv no probs surfing other websites.

    Girlie… nope, i hv not added any codes to my blog. The prob just cropped up all of a sudden.

    Mamabok… so how did the technical staff solve the problem?

    Hui Sia.. no, i’m not using Firefox.

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