Breakfast Ritual

Alycia and Sherilyn can hardly sit still during meal times, especially during breakfast when their energy levels are at the highest in the morning. To keep them still on their chairs, I have to provide them with some activities like drawing, scribbling, reading or coloring whilst my maid and I feed them. My mom and I had bought them a huge collection of activity books from letter tracing to number tracing, coloring and joining numbered dots and letters. Each morning, the gals choose the activity that they like and they can spend almost an hour all wrapped up in that activity. I find that their concentration levels are also at the highest in the mornings, so I normally read to them in the morning to capture the most of their attention.

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5 thoughts on “Breakfast Ritual

  1. Chloe is a tv freak.. in the mornings..! good that your gals will draw and stuff.. it is definitely more productive.. i’ll have to say.

  2. Havent seen them for about 3 months and theyve grown so much! Alycia has definitely grown taller and plumper! Wow, Sherilyn can actually colour within the outlines of the pictures? Good job, Sherilyn and her mummy.

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