How Do You Cope With 14 Kids?

I was watching channel 77 with my gals several days ago and there was a program called ‘Kids By The Dozen’. It featured one couple with 14 kids! I can’t even imagine my life with baby no. 3 though I know the day will one day come true as my hubby loves kids – the more the merrier so says my hubby. Montessorimum has posted in her blog that the trend now is that most families have 3 kids. Well, maybe 3 is still manageable but more than 3?? I wonder how these families cope physically, emotionally and especially financially. I really admire mothers with more than 2 kids yet manage to cope so well in every aspect.

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3 thoughts on “How Do You Cope With 14 Kids?

  1. My grandmother has 13 kids, somehow she managed without maid, I don’t know how. My hubby always say ” Go ask your grandmother how she does it, give you maid also complaint so much”

    That always made me speechless

  2. Amazing huh? I also wonder how they can do it, especially those who have quadruplets or more, meaning all of them are babies at the same time. *pengsan*

  3. Elaine… Wow, 13 kids! Your grandma is fantastic!

    Barb…i guess when u r faced with that situation, you will automatically know how to deal with it.

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