Lunch Box Unveiled….. Again

This is what’s inside the styrofoam lunch box that my mil packed several days ago – wantan noodles with freshly roasted char siew or barbequed pork. This shop near my house sells very tasty wantan noodles and roasted meat (roasted chicken, roasted duck, char siew, siew yoke and roasted intestines). My hubby and I can spend RM30+ just on the assortment of roasted meat for lunch for the both of us.

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4 thoughts on “Lunch Box Unveiled….. Again

  1. i love char siu and roasted pork a lot too. However the only char siu i would eat is the one made by my BIL (who only make them once a year during CNY). Very very nice, and we even asked him to sell char siu, hehe…

  2. yum, I miss having that…there’s a chinese restaurant very near our place that serves that. I should go and satisfy my craving!

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