Really Spooky

This is a backdated post.

This happened several months back when we were back in Ipoh. That night, all 3 of us slept on a queen sized bed in my room. Alycia slept facing the wall, Sherilyn slept in the middle and I slept on the other end of the bed. About an hour after I’d put the gals to sleep, I heard Alycia sobbing softly. I turned to her and saw her hugging her bolster tightly. I asked her if she had tummy ache. She said no. I asked her if she wanted to poo poo, she said no. She continued to sob very softly, as though she’s afraid or in slight pain. I asked her what’s wrong with her. She remained mum. I then brought her to the toilet as I still thought she had tummy ache. As she sat on the toilet seat, she pointed towards the room floor, at the foot of our bed. She said “I saw a woman there”. I tell you, my hair and goosebumps raised instantly. I asked her where and she ran into the room and pointed to the floor. Coincidentally, there was a white paint dot on the floor and Alycia said “the woman is on the white dot”. I then reassured her that she’s just dreaming though I was damn scared myself. After putting her back to sleep, I prayed and prayed the whole night and left the bathroom light on and door ajar.

The next morning, I asked Alycia again what had happened the night before. She could still tell me that she saw a woman. I asked her if the woman was young or old, she said old. What color was the woman, was she white or black, she said white. Long or short hair, she said long. As I interrogated her further, my hair and goosebumps raised further and I felt cold.

In my 5 years’ stay in that house in Ipoh before I moved to KL, I’d never encountered any ghouls or ghosts. I’m not sure if Alycia was merely having a bad dream as she had slept in a foreign room that night. Whatever it is, I believe that if we have done no harm or evil, we should be fearless and I believe that my God is always watching over me and my family. Prayers can counter all fears.

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5 thoughts on “Really Spooky

  1. eeewwww…i have goosebumps too. Is this your parent’s house? Did they experience anything like this before? What was the white dot on the floor? I don’t think she’s dreaming 🙂

  2. Mom to chumsy…yes, my parents’ hse. Nobody has experienced this before. The white dot is actually a drop of white paint.

  3. Eeeeewwwkkk..! i read this last nite at 5am… because the brat woke up .. and fussed..! and had wanted to comment.. but as usual.. FIREFOX just doesn’t wanna work good with the comment page. So if you donch see me commenting.. it’s because the page is so narrow.. i can’t even widen it.. ! real pain.. this firefox..!

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