Sherilyn’s Milestone

Sherilyn can now hold a pencil fairly well and today, she wrote the letters ‘E’ and ‘F’ without much difficulties. I was really surprised this morning that she could still remember the order of the strokes, though she had only practised writing the letter ‘E’ once a few days ago. Today is the second time she is given the chance to do letter tracing. I also discovered that she can point to a group of similar objects and count each of the object out loud simultaneously perfectly well. She is very keen to show off her ‘talent’ to me and each night in our bedroom, she would count the number of buttons on my comforter cover as she points to each of the button. She can count from 1 through 11. Today, she could also count the number of objects in the ‘count and match’ exercise in her Math workbook without any mistakes. Sherilyn can also sing most of the songs that she has heard from DVDs or from the radio and at home, she’s heard singing on top of her voice all the time! I’m not sure if this is considered a big achievement for my baby but I’m really proud of her.

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5 thoughts on “Sherilyn’s Milestone

  1. Sherilyn is a very smart lil girl eh? My 3 year old boy is still struggling with his pencil hold too and everytime I ask him to write he looks at me and says “dunno”. Hahaha.

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