Sweet Corn Fritters

Here’s another dish that both toddlers and adults will enjoy – sweet corn fritters. My gals are crazy over this dish. It contains protein, iron, carbo and fibre – a wholesome meal.

Ingredients :

1) 2 cob of corns – remove corn kernels from the cob (choose young corns)

2) Chopped spring onions or you can use ‘choy sum’ (would be good to conceal some finely chopped vege inside if your little ones don’t like vege)

3) 2 eggs

4) 2 teaspoons of high protein flour or wholemeal flour or corn flour

5) Dash of salt

6) Would be tastier if you add in some chopped red chillies (if your little ones can tolerate them)

Method :

1) Mix all the ingredients together in a large bowl and mix well.

2) Scoop out the batter in spoonfulls and pan fry them in a non-stick pan.

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6 thoughts on “Sweet Corn Fritters

  1. Hi Shireen,

    Looks great! I just bought a can of corns, might try it this weekend. Just wonder can a 2 year old chew those corns? haha…my son doesn’t like rough food.

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