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I am indeed very honoured to receive this award from this pretty and young mom. This pretty mom who has an adorable 18-mth old son is one very thoughtful and helpful person. Though we have never met but one time she called me from a Mattel warehouse sale offering her help to buy Barbie dolls for my gals. Yesterday, she again offered to help me get Avent bottles and teats from Singapore through her twin sister. Though strangers but only online friends, I can already feel her warmth and friendship. Thanks Leena for your wondership friendship!

I must say I love most of the blogs that I know of, so it’s difficult for me to send this love award to just a selected few bloggers. Thus, I am going to pass this love award ‘verbally’ to all the bloggers whom I know. “I love your blog!” Keep up the good work and keep blogging!

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