BIG Expectation

Ok, I’m not keeping everyone in suspense anymore. I’m expecting alright, 12 weeks. I didn’t want to inform everyone earlier as my gynae had warned me that being a PCOS sufferer, I am at high risk for miscarriage. I had suffered a miscarriage at 8 weeks before I had Alycia. With the 2 gals, I was on partial bedrest for most of my pregnancy. I won’t know how this one will turn out but it does help a great deal that I am not working. Looking back, I just don’t know how I had managed to pull through the 9 months for both pregnancies when I had to drive more than an hour thru and fro office each day, braving through horrendous traffic jams, with my all-day sickness. Plus, I had a highly stressful job as a PA. My pregnancy this time is still not completely smooth sailing as I have had some spotting initially.

As with my 2 earlier pregnancies, I am on medical support to help me sustain this pregnancy – jabs and hormone pills (oral and insertion). Consequently, both Alycia and Sherilyn were very expensive babies as we had spent a lot of money on the drugs to support the pregnancy. Looks like this will also be another expensive baby but not as expensive as Alycia and Sherilyn. I tend to be more relaxed and not so ‘kan cheong’ with this pregnancy and I had even at each of my visit to my gynae’s office ‘negotiated’ with my gynae not to give me too much drugs. I had even rejected certain expensive drugs and asked for cheaper substitute. The hormone drugs make me really sick and nauseous, not to mention my face is filled with zits. Want to know how much I spend for each visit? Between RM400-500. If not for my negotiations with my gynae to reject these expensive drugs and begged not to have jabs twice weekly, my bill for each visit can even reach RM700+.

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7 thoughts on “BIG Expectation

  1. Hey Shireen

    Wow, kid no 3… you’ll be the first among our group to have 3 kids!! Congrats and have a wonderful pregnancy.

  2. Congrats! 🙂 Wishing you a smooth pregnancy….

    Wow! It is so expensive! Is there some kind of package which you can sign up? In Singapore, we can sign up for a checkup package…

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