Sherilyn Loves Tagging Along To The Gynae’s Office

Sherilyn loves following me to my gynae’s office as she gets to shake hand with the dr, plays with a tiny black rubber ball from the dr’s office and most of all, she gets to see her little…. don’t know brother or sister on the screen.  She also gets to eat some snacks while waiting for mummy’s turn and after the appointment, we normally have lunch outside.  But it’s freezing cold at the dr’s office!

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2 thoughts on “Sherilyn Loves Tagging Along To The Gynae’s Office

  1. Haha! To date our 3 yr old Caitlin has only followed us to the gynae’s twice.

    The first time she was quite jovial even though she didn’t know what to expect, & was pleasantly surprised to find a small corner of old toys, albeit most of them being faulty.

    The next time she heard that she was coming along again, she asked to again be able to see the dr’s scanning screen, but kept interrupting the dr with “it’s blur it’s blur!”

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