Sherilyn’s Enlarged Lymph Nodes

Remember I had written about the swollen lymph nodes in Sherilyn’s neck sometime back? Well, after more than 3 months, the lump can still be felt on her right neck. Though it has shrunk in size considerably but the fact that it’s still there made me uneasy. So upon the recommendation of her paed, we brought Sherilyn to Pantai Cheras Medical Centre last week to have an ultrasound scan of her neck. The radiologist explained that the lump was only an enlarged lymph node and said that it’s very common in kids, especially after an infection or flu. It’s not a lump or a cyst. So that gave me some relief but I still have to monitor the size of the lymph node.

Sherilyn was so tensed as she lay on the bed in the cold air-cond room.

When the radiologist put the cold gel on her neck, she cried and struggled, so daddy had to hug her and carry her throughout the scan. We were all so glad and relieved when the whole thing was over.

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19 thoughts on “Sherilyn’s Enlarged Lymph Nodes

  1. i did comment just now. but how come no haf one..
    anyway, i was sayin this place looks great. sherilyn must be traumatised by the huge big machine next to her. glad she’s ok.

  2. Shireen, My son also has the swollen lymph node on his neck, near his ears, but it didn’t stay that long. The doctor said the same thing too.

  3. hi mommy too!

    do i need to bring my 1-yr.old daughter to the doctor or should i wait for few weeks and it will be gone. she also has lymph nodes on the right side of her neck.

    worried mom, tina

  4. Tina…. you shd bring your girl to the dr. just to be on the safe side. Lymph nodes normally appear when a person has recently gone thru a sickness. To get peace of mind, you can also bring your girl for an ultrasound scan. The lymph nodes may take weeks, or months or sometimes years to subside. FOr Sher’s case, it took more than 6 mths to subside.

  5. Thank GOD that your little princess is find now!!! I js found out last evening when playing with my 13-mths bb Hong… the whole family were so worried. I hope it gone very soon and never comes back. I really feel that I’d rather to have it on myself.

  6. Did Sher’s lymph node total subside now? I am experiencing the same thing with my daughter and her lymph node has subsided significantly over the past month but i can still feel her lymph node. It’s like marble-size.

  7. I read your blog about your dtr having an enlarged lymph node in her neck.

    How large was it to begin with? Was it more than 1 inch in size when you first found it?

    I am freaking out cuz my 4yo son has one in his right neck under his ear….he just had bloodwork taken. I am so worried. He was sick 2 wks ago with a cold…..please respond for me!

    donna in FL

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