Varicose Veins

That’s my thigh and the unsightly varicose veins that have been expanding as my pregnancy progresses. The veins started to appear when I was pregnant with Sherilyn. It only started to subside, but not completely gone after I had given birth. Now that I’m pregnant again, the veins are starting to expand again like roots to a tree and I can feel pain and heavy pressure at the site of the varicose veins whenever I stand. It’s really ugly and I look like an ah soh with bulging varicose veins. I can forget about wearing mini skirts even after I’ve given birth. I know one of the ways to reduce the symptoms is to lie on my back and raise up my legs. I’ve been doing it for at least 15 minutes everyday but I can’t see any improvement though.
I’ve read from the internet that if the problem gets way too serious, surgery can be opted to remove the veins, but purely for cosmetics reason. It’s not a life threatening condition though. This condition is hereditary as my mum also has it. Anyone has any natural, safe and easy way of reducing the varicose veins to share?

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  1. i was about to tell you to put it up against the wall, but youve done that already. Anyway, putting feet up against the wall helps blood to circulate, so that is still good.

    I think you can have it injected for it to subside

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