Alycia Learns To Read From The Compute

Learning loves to read from the computer but I just can’t afford to let her rule the computer for long as I’ve got assignments with deadlines to meet.  So whenever I read to her from the computer, she shows great enthusiasm and concentration and picks up words pretty fast, way faster than learning to read from books.

Lately, Alycia’s reading skills have improved by the leaps and bounds.  Ever since I gave her a pep talk and told her that she needs to improve on her reading and writing before school reopens, she has put in extra effort and now, she can even read an entire book given to her by her pre-school on her own.  I am so proud of her achievement.

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9 thoughts on “Alycia Learns To Read From The Compute

  1. Jo-N… thanks for the compliment. I’m flattered *blush*.

    Mamajo… it’s really my wish to see Alycia improve in school next year. Hopefully her immune system will be stonger next yr and doesn’t hv to skip classes too often.

    Lovely Mummy… you think boys are slower than girls?

  2. Alycia is very smart. What I can share is, my boy learning is a bit slower compare to his younger sister. My daughter is very ‘sing muk’ type, see my face color know what is going on. Hehe:-)

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