Alycia’s Acceptance Of The Baby

For the past 1 week,  Alycia has slowly but surely accepted the baby.  Everyday, she would hug my belly, kiss my belly and talk to the baby.  When she’s happy, she will tell the baby why she’s happy.  When she’s back from school, she will tell the baby that she’s back from school.  When daddy bought her a tub of Haegan Daz ice-cream yesterday,  she was so happy that she told the baby that daddy had bought her ice-cream and that the baby could also eat it too.  Alycia and Sherilyn are making me feel guilty coz they talk to the baby more than I do.  Really hoping and praying that this baby will be fine as I’m sure my 2 gals will adore this baby.

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2 thoughts on “Alycia’s Acceptance Of The Baby

  1. that’s so cute of your two girls! don’t worry , I’m sure baby will be alright and u will soon be a mother of THREE instead of TWO 🙂

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