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How would you like receiving a blanket or a pillow with a picture of your loved ones or your favorite things imprinted on it? I would be delighted to receive such gifts. See the pictures here? The above is a personalized photo blanket created by using the latest technology where you favorite picture is specially dyed into a photo blanket. You can also have pictures dyed into photo bedding, photo pillows, photo beds, photo duvets, photo throw pillows and much more! All you have to do is to upload your favorite pictures at the website using a special user-friendly tool provided at the website, add the text that you want to appear on the blanket or pillow and the rest will be done by VisionBedding.

There are many types of personalized photo gifts available at ranging from Flag Bedding to photo dog bedding, girls bedding, children’s bedding, boys bedding, baby’s bedding, photo pillows,  photo throw cushions and much more. These lovely personalized beddings can be machine washed using gentle cycle with cold water and tumbled dry on a low heat setting. I am sure anyone would love to receive these unique one-of-a-kind personalized photo gifts.

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