Black Chicken Soup

This is my usual ‘poa pun’  (nutricious stuff in Cantonese) during my pregnancy – black chicken soup with snow fungus, wolfberries and red dates. Black chicken is known to be more nutricious than regular chicken. 

During my previous pregnancies, my mil or my former maids would chop and crush the black chicken into pieces before putting the chicken into a special double boiler with holes to make chicken essence.  Since this is so tedious and time consuming, I’m only boiling the chicken in a crockpot now.  I would boil this soup and share this soup with my 2 gals at least twice a week.


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11 thoughts on “Black Chicken Soup

  1. Actually essence chicken is easy as well…I usually use a small bowl (reverse it) inside the big pot, then, put chicken on top…and taaadaaa…all the chicken essence will be at the bottom of the pot…..

  2. May I ask you – which herbs should I add to black chicken soup?

    I usually just cook it for 3 hours on low heat, add salt and pepper, and enjoy my “Chinese medicine” twice a week.

  3. Nina… i dont put any herbs in my black chicken soup coz my gynae has advised me not to take any herbs, esp. tong kwai. I only put snow fungus coz they are known to be good for the lungs, wolfberries coz they are good for the eyes and red dates coz they are good for the red blood cells.

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