Burger King

After my appointment with the fetal specialist today, daddy asked the gals what they’d like to have for lunch.  Both Alycia and Sherilyn wanted to have burgers as they got hooked to burgers when daddy brought them to MacDonalds on Monday.  I didn’t want fast food as they are not the healthiest of food but when the gals vote for something, mummy’s suggestion is always disregarded.

Anyway, the girls had loads of fun at the indoor playground.  Alycia gobbled down her beef burger whilst Miss Spitty Spat only ate a bite of chicken nuggets, some onion rings, french fries (she loves these junks) and her good old cereal.

Daddy surprised Alycia when he told her that he has booked a birthday party at Burger King for her to celebrate her 4th birthday this Sunday.  I was gobsmacked!  With less than 3 days of notice, I am sure most of my friends would not be able to attend the party.  Anyway, I’ll see how many will turn up.

After taking a bite of the chicken nuggets, Miss Spitty Spat Sherilyn tai cheed everything to Alycia who gladly took them with open arms and open mouth.

Miss little social butterfly on the birthday throne.  As she sat there she could not stop singing the nursery rhyme “Old King Cole Was A Merry Old Soul” as she saw the king’s crown and this made all of us laughed so hard.

On Sunday, it will be cheh cheh’s turn to sit there and have all eyes fixated on her.  

Please hop on to my other blog to read up more on the detailed scan on my baby and the prognosis of the baby’s dilated kidney.

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3 thoughts on “Burger King

  1. Sher is really cute! I am so sorry we won’t be able to join in the fun this Sunday 🙁 Maybe will arrange a get-together later? 😀 Hope Alycia and Sher will have a fabulous time at Burger King.

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