My head is hurting like mad, I think it’s caused by a lack of sleep last night. Hubby’s friend who helped me set up my new computer only left at 1:30am. Today is another blog rush day for me, rushing to complete deadlines for my assignments and then there’s no better time for stupid Streamyx to be down than when I’m at my busiest. It always has to be this way. I still have 5 outstanding tasks from this particular advertiser and I am pretty sure I will not be able to complete them by 8am tomorrow. It’s ok, I’ll just let them expire, sleep is more important to me now.

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6 thoughts on “Headache!!

  1. Make sure you’re taking care of yourself!! I completely feel you on stuff being down when you need it most, my server goes out intermittently but wouldn’t you know it’s always when I am in the very middle of coding something!

  2. Yeah health should be your priority. Anyway how’s internet speed over there? I think it’s better to subscribe to cheap dial up service just in case your internet goes down. Just choose the 5 – 10 hours dial up package (should be very cheap) as a back up to your Streamyx.

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