Our Afternoon At Bangsar Village

We went to Bangsar Village for lunch today. Sil had wanted to try out Delicious since she has heard so much about the delicious food at Delicious but it was full to the brim and the queue was long too.  So we went to Banquet instead.  This time, I ordered a prawn vermicelli and I must say it tasted really good. The broth was thick and rich and there were 2 big prawns, though I didn’t eat the prawns.  Hubby ordered a wagyu beef steak (very tasty), our maid had fried yellow noodles which was also very tasty, sil had a nasi lemak, hubby’s aunty had a mee jawa and we all had fruit rojak and mango salad as appetizer. For dessert, we had a yam cake (it’s not woo tau koa but an English cake made of yam and was very tasty), moist orange cake (satisfactory), Mocha cake (satisfactory) and a tiramisu with a scoop of vanilla ice cream (good). Overall, we had a satisfying lunch.

After lunch, sil and koo poh (hubby’s aunty) brought the gals to Toys R Us and sil bought them a toy, a HUGE one that is.  Later, we went grocery shopping.  Also bought Sherilyn a Barney pajamas from Toys R Us.  We only came home at around 5pm and I didn’t get to do much blogging today. 

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